Raynard Kington

Dr. Raynard Kington (RAY-nard) has been the president of Grinnell College since 2010. With an MBA and Ph.D. in Health Policy and Economics, Kington’s research interests are in “socioeconomics and race and how they impact health and health care.”

Dr. Kington holds a Bachelor of Science and an M.D. from the University of Michigan. His medical background led him to work for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) before going to Grinnell.

He served in a variety of roles including Principal Deputy Director, Acting Director, and Associate Director for Behavioral and Social Sciences Research. He also served as a division director at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as a senior scientist at the RAND Corporation, and as a visiting assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins.

In 2009, Kington received the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service, which is the highest-level honor award in the department. He has been featured on NPR and in the New York Times.
President of Grinnell College

Areas of Expertise: Health Policy, Socioeconomics and Race, Economics, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Health and Nutrition, Medicine (General, Internal, and Geriatric), Higher Education

Location: Grinnell, IA

Contact Info:

Contact Debra Lukehart, vice president for communications at Grinnell
Email: communications@grinnell.edu
Phone: (641) 269-3400

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