Malik Washington

Malik Washington is the executive director and CEO of The William Kellibrew Foundation, a community-driven advocacy organization “dedicated to breaking the cycles of violence and poverty.” He is also the training & outreach specialist with the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, an organization that serves as a “resource for the thousands of adults and children experiencing domestic violence in the District each year.”

He joined The William Kellibrew Foundation in 2010 as a member of the national advisory council where he implemented a mentoring program for young men in Washington, D.C.

Washington studied radio, television and film at Howard University. His community outreach experience includes organizing mission trips and providing disaster relief services with the Christian organization In His Presence Ministries. He’s a contributor to NPR’s Tell Me Moreblog and was previously a Tell Me More intern and editorial assistant.

Malik Washington
Executive Director and CEO, The William Kellibrew Foundation
Training & Outreach Specialist, DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence 

Areas of Expertise: Youth, Poverty, and Violence (especially Young Men), Mentorship, Community Outreach, Writing & Blogging, Media, African Americans

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, and Washington, DC

Contact Information:
Twitter: @malikwashington
Heard on NPR: For a complete list, click here.

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