Maria Marta Ferreyra

Maria Marta Ferreyra (fuh-RAY-ruh) is associate professor of economics in the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. Her research focuses on “the effects of large-scale reforms in K-12 education, such as school choice, school finance reform, public school accountability, and charter schools.”

Ferreyra served as a visiting scholar to both the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and theCowles Foundation at Yale University in 2012. She was also given the 2011 Excellence in Refereeing Award by the American Economic Review.

Associate Professor of Economics at Tepper School of Business

Areas of Expertise: Economics, Microeconomics, Economics of Education, Large-Scale Education Reforms, School Finance Reform, School Voucher Program, Charter Schools,Incentives in the Teacher Market

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Contact Info:

Phone: (412) 268-1829


You can listen to Ferreyra discuss voucher research and education: