Keith Boykin

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July 1, 2013 by sourceoftheweek


Keith Boykin is an MSNBC commentator, CNBC contributor and columnist. He was the editor of The Daily Voice from 2008-2012 and was the host of the BET television show “My Two Cents” from 2006-2008. Previously, he served in the White House as a special assistant to President Bill Clinton.

According to his bio, Boykin “is a veteran of six political campaigns, including two presidential campaigns.” He has a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and he taught political science at American University from 1999-2001.

Boykin has written four books, including Beyond the Down Low: Sex, Lies, and Denial in Black America and For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Still Not Enough.

MSNBC Commentator, CNBC Contributor, and Columnist

Areas of Expertise: Politics, LGBT Issues, Law

Location: Miami, FL and New York, NY

Contact Information:


Or you can contact his assistant, Kendall Evans:

Heard on NPR: For a complete list, click here.

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