Pedro “Joe” Greer

From the beginning of his career, physician Dr. Pedro Jose Greer has practiced a unique brand of medicine that emphasizes compassion as much as health care: He established a clinic for the homeless as a young medical intern, started various free clinics for migrant workers and even treated homeless patients under bridges.

Greer’s commitment to compassionate, socially-minded health care has earned him a MacArthur Genius Grant, the Presidential Medal of Service and a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama.

Today as the assistant dean for academic affairs at Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Dr. Greer emphasizes compassionate health care for a new generation of doctors. He has published more than 25 articles on health disorders as well as issues of policy, poverty and health in the U.S. and continues to advise federal and local politicians on health-care policy.

Dr. Greer has been featured on The Diane Rehm Show, NBC Latino and PBS.


Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs at Florida International University’s College of Medicine

Areas of Expertise: Public Health, Home-Based Health Care, Underserved Communities

Location: Miami, FL

Contact Info: 

Office: (305) 348-4554

Direct: (305) 348-0169

Mobile: (305) 450-2822

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