June McKoy

Dr. June McKoy is an associate professor of medicine and preventive medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. She also serves as an academic geriatrician on the staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, is a licensed Illinois attorney, and an NIH-funded clinical cancer/health services researcher. (And that’s just the Reader’s Digest version of her professional resume.)

McKoy is an outspoken proponent of holistic healthy aging. She was named as a 2013-2014 Public Voices Thought Leadership Fellow at Northwestern University, and in 2013 wrote an article for The Guardian on “observation purgatory” for elderly in hospitals. She has appeared on Chicago’s Windy City Live to discuss geriatric medicine and care for the elderly, among other media appearances in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and NBC News.

Associate Professor of Medicine and Preventive Medicine at Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University

Areas of Expertise: Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Health Care, Geriatric Health, Aging, Holistic Medicine, Elderly Care

Location: Chicago, IL

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Mobile: (773) 793-4650

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