William Douglas

William Douglas is the congressional correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers and creator/author of The Color of Hockey, a blog that focuses on the under-told history and growing impact of people of color in ice hockey – on and off the ice. The stories from the nearly 3-year-old blog are regularly aggregated by Yahoo Sports, SBNation, and Sports Illustrated.com.

He covered hockey at the 2014 Winter Olympics for McClatchy and The Color of Hockey, and was also featured in weekly spots for NPR’s “Tell Me More” and “Morning Edition.” In addition to work on the blog, Douglas has written for the NHL over the years for their official program guides for NHL Winter Classics and Stanley Cup Finals. He has covered the 2013 International Ice Hockey Federation World Championship in Helsinki, as well as NHL drafts from 2013 onward.

Douglas joined McClatchy as congressional correspondent in 2004, covering George W. Bush’s presidency. Since then, he has covered all presidential campaigns.

He is currently working on a story about the NHL’s first black, Asian, and Indian players for the Winter issue of the Hockey Hall of Fame’s Legends magazine.

William Douglas
Congressional Correspondent, McClatchy Newspapers

Areas of expertise: Hockey, Politics, Congress

Location: Washington, DC

Contact Information:
Phone: 202-549-4584

Heard on NPR’s Tell Me More: Is The Color of Hockey Changing?

Added June 2015