Nisi Shawl

Nisi Shawl’s story collection Filter House co-won the James Tiptree, Jr. Award, given annually to works of speculative fiction which explore and expand our understanding of gender roles. She edits reviews for the literary quarterly Cascadia Subduction Zone. In 2014 Shawl coedited Strange Matings: Science Fiction, Feminism, African American Voices, and Octavia E. Butler. Her Belgian Congo steampunk novel Everfair is forthcoming from Tor in 2016.

She serves on the boards of the Clarion West Writers Workshop and the Carl Brandon Society, a nonprofit dedicated to improving minority representation in fantastic fiction.

Nisi Shawl
Author and Editor

Areas of Expertise: Diversity of Representation in Writing and Editing in Speculative Genres (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Magic Realism, etc.), Octavia E. Butler, Practice of West African Religious Traditions in North America

Location: Seattle, WA

Contact Information:
Phone: 269-599-0611

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