This Week’s Source(s): Alexes Harris and Tony Hilton

Our sources this week were handpicked by guest editor Alicia Cypress, who is the Investigations Digital Editor. She chose two experts to feature this week:

Alexes Harris

Alexes Harris was one of Joe Shapiro’s sources in his year-long “Guilty And Charged” series, about the unfair use of fines and fees court systems impose on criminal defendants – many who are too poor to pay. She’s an associate professor of sociology at the University of Washington and is an affiliate at the university’s West Coast Poverty Center and Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology.”

Tony Hilton

“A nurse since 1978, Tony Hilton can talk about the physical stress people in her profession go through just by doing their everyday jobs. She can also explain the safest methods and proper techniques to handle patients, so nurses don’t get hurt. And she’s a good resource to talk about effective strategies for getting hospital culture to change.”

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