#NPRSource(s): Cecily Hardaway and Vince Wang

We’re still with Newscast this week, with producers Robert Garcia and Dave Pignanelli guest editing this resource. Robert recommended the sources for this week and here’s what he had to say about them:

“Our two sources of the week are both recipients of prestigious MacArthur Foundation grants to further research into issues affecting the physical and psychological well being of residents of urban areas of the United States.

Cecily Hardaway

Cecily Hardaway is studying the effects of household and community violence on young people.

Vince Wang

Vince Wang is studying the effects of concentrations of poverty in urban areas, ultimately seeking to help low income families find better places to live that offer opportunity and hope.
In a year filled with news about violence and soaring urban murder rates, Cecily and Vince offer the potential of substantive insight identifying both causes and solutions in regard to the challenges facing residents of the nation’s distressed urban areas.”

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