Tomas Bilbao

Tomas Bilbao is Executive Director of the Cuba Study Group. Prior to joining the CSG, Mr. Bilbao served as Director of Transition for Senator-elect Mel Martinez and Director of Operations for Mel Martinez for U.S. Senate.

As Executive Director of the Cuba Study Group, Mr. Bilbao is responsible for all the Group’s projects and activities, including developing policy recommendations and educating Members of Congress and the Administration on more effective policies toward Cuba.

Bilbao has appeared on numerous media outlets, including NPR.

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Executive Director, Cuba Study Group

Areas of Expertise: Foreign Policy, Latin American Policy, U.S. Policy, Nonprofit Policy Advocacy, Nonprofit Management

Location: Washington, DC

Contact Information:
Phone: (202) 544-5088

Appearing on Morning Edition ’Travel Freedom Raises Questions About U.S. Policies Toward Cuba

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