Crystal Wright

Update: As of August 2020, the webpages for Crystal Wright’s blog and her consulting firm are no longer online. Her old bio is included below for posterity.

Crystal Wright, political commentator and editor of the Conservative Black Chick blog, is a black conservative woman living in DC. According to her bio, she’s somewhat of a “triple minority: woman, black and a Republican living in a Democrat dominated city.”

Wright is a regular media guest, and has appeared on CNN, Fox News, PBS’s To the Contrary, Washington Watch with Roland Martin and BET’s Weekly with Ed Gordon, among many others. She’s an outspoken critic of President Obama and his liberal policies, and is vocal about women in politics.

She spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference’s 2014 meeting in a panel called “Why Conservatism is Right for Women,” and spoke at CPAC’s 40th anniversary in 2013 on a panel with four other conservative women titled, “The Right View and the REAL Issues.”

A principal owner of the public relations firm Baker Wright Group, LLC, Wright is also an expert on social media and politics.

Political Pundit, Principal Owner of Public Relations Firm Baker Wright Group Editor of

Areas of Expertise: Women in Politics, Conservative Politics, GOP, Political Analysis, Domestic and Foreign Policy, Social Media in Politics, Political Communication, Media Relations

Location: Washington, DC

Contact Information:
Phone: (202) 549-8072
Twitter: @GOPBlackChick

Featured on Fox’s Hannity: Special on African American Conservatives

Featured on C-SPAN: Crystal Wright,

Last updated August 27, 2020