Muhammad Khalifa

Muhammad Khalifa is an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Administration at Michigan State University.  He has worked as a public school teacher and administrator in Detroit.

His research examines how urban school leaders enact culturally relevant leadership practices—which are leadership behaviors that most optimally help marginalized students in school and their communities.  More specifically, he looks at how school leaders can promote inclusive school environments, how they can effectively engage parents and neighborhood community contexts, and how they can confront racism in their own school buildings.

Khalifa has been published in the Teachers College Record, Educational Administration Quarterly, Urban Review, Urban Education, the Journal of Negro Education, and the Journal of School Leadership.  He is coeditor of the forthcoming “Rage, Love & Transcendence in the Emergence of Social Justice Scholars: Becoming Critical in Diverse Social Spaces” and “Handbook on Urban Educational Leadership.”

Khalifa has been engaged in school leadership reform in African and Asian countries.  Notably, he has developed the Nation’s first online equity audit equity audits to address achievement gaps and discipline gaps in school.  This online equity audit is currently being used to analyze and address inequity in U.S. schools.

Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Administration, Michigan State University

Areas of Expertise:  Education, Race, Culture, Leadership Practices, School Leadership

Location: East Lansing/Ann Arbor, MI

Contact Information:
Phone: (734) 904-3458


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