• Parminder Bakshi-Hamm: Migrant Labor, Women in Science, Minority-Owned Businesses, Literature and Culture studies, Higher Education
    • Khaliah Barnes: Student Privacy, Consumer Privacy, Car Privacy, Drones and Domestic Surveillance, Government Databases, Privacy Act
    • Humberto Barreto: Economics of sports, Economics and Excel, History of Economic Thought, Education, Cuba
    • Matt Barreto: Latino Electorate, Political Opinions, Voter Rights, Voter ID Laws, Politics
    • Lisa Garcia Bedolla: Latino Voter Mobilization, Latino Civic Engagement, Educational Equity, Ethnic Issues, Gender Equality, Immigrant & Immigration Issues
    • Manley Begay: Tribal Economic Development, Educational Leadership, Indigenous Governance
    • Mehrsa Baradaran: Contracts and Banking Law, Credit Inequality, Law in Financial Institutions
    • Ayesha Bell Hardaway: Health law, constitutional law, criminal law, race and the law, and civil litigation
    • Keisha L. Bentley-Edwards: Psychological Development of the African American Experience in the United States, Adolescent Racial Socialization, Human Development, Culture, Learning Sciences
    • Georges Benjamin: Infectious Diseases and Administrative Leadership in Health Systems
    • Erica Bernal-Martinez: Political Participation and Leadership Among the Latino Population
    • Gurnita Besla: Dynamics of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy and the Local Groups of Galaxies
    • Nilanjana Bhattacharjya: Ethnomusicology, South Asian popular music, Music and migration, South Asian popular culture, South Asian popular culture in the diaspora, South Asian American history, South Asian immigration
    • Tomas Bilbao: Foreign Policy, Latin American Policy, U.S. Policy, Nonprofit Policy Advocacy, Nonprofit Management
    • Linda McGill Boasmond: Business, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurship, Women in Science, Chemical Manufacturing
    • George Borjas: Immigration, Economics, Public Policy, Labor Economics
    • Melissa L. Bradley: Socially Responsible Investment, Economic Equality, Economic and Environmental Stability, Financial Consulting
    • Otis Brawley: Chief Medical and Scientific Officer for the American Cancer Society, Cancer Researcher and Educator
    • Hiawatha Bray: Technology, Economics of Technology, High-Tech Industry, Software and Gadgets (Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Bluetooth, etc.)
    • Anthony Brickhouse: Aviation/Aerospace Safety, Aviation/Aerospace accident Investigation, Accident Survivability, Flight Recorders, Safety Management
    • Dr. Roberta Diaz Brinton Learning, Memory, Alzheimer’s, Aging of the Brain, Effects of Drugs and Steroids on the Brain, Neuropharmacology, Biochemistry of Learning and Memory
    • Dorothy Brown: Tax Law, Wealth Disparity, Race/Class and Tax Policy
    • Anthea Butler: American Religion, African American Religious History, Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Fundamentalism, Religion in the Media, Religion and Politics, Women and Religion, Religion and Pop Culture
    • Paul Butler: Criminal Justice, Civil Rights and Race Relations, Public Corruption


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