• Al Cardenas: Latino Politics, Republican Strategy, Law, Advocacy, Lobbying
    • Majora Carter: Urban Revitalization, Environmental Issues, Green Jobs
    • Akilah Carter-Francique: Historical and Contemporary Experiences of Participants in Sport and Physical Activity, Experiences of Black Females and Males in Educational Institutions (K-20) Health and Well-Being for Women Of Color
    • Rosario Ceballo: After-School Activities, Community Violence; Parenting; Poverty; Infertility; Latino Cultural Values
    • Francesca Chambers: Politics, Congress, the White House, the Obama Administration, Conservative Politics, GOP, Young Conservatives, Elections & Campaigns
    • Linda Chavez: Politics, Conservative Politics, Republican Party, Civil Rights, Hispanic Issues
    • Dr. Venida S. Chenault: Haskell Indian Nations University President, Domestic Violence, Tribal College, Education
    • Inimai Chettiar: Law, Justice, Incarceration, Affirmative Action, Race, Low-Income Americans, Legal Reform
    • Raj Chetty: Economics, Equality of Opportunity, Tax Policy, Unemployment, Education
    • Farai Chideya: Media, Technology, Diversity, Journalism, Women’s Issues, Social Entrepreneurship, Race, Race Relations, Politics, Innovation, Labor Economics
    • Pearl Chiu: Decision-Making, Decision Neuroscience, Computational Psychiatry, Depression, Substance Dependence, Social Influences on Decision-Making, Motivation and Incentives
    • Ben Chou: Water Infrastructure and Climate Change Resiliency, Urban Water Efficiency for Drought Management, Importance of Soil Health for Agricultural Climate Resiliency
    • Jelani Cobb: African American History and Culture, Cold War History, 20th Century American Politics, Contemporary Politics
    • Leila Cobo: Latin Music, Classical Music, Latin Pop Culture, Piano, Entertainment & TV, Writing & Journalism, Colombia
    • Derrick Cogburn: International communication, global disability policy, global information and communication technology and policy
    • Cathy Cohen: American Politics, African-American Politics, Marginal Groups, Social Movements, Women’s and Health issues
    • Lisa Cook: Economic Growth and Development, Innovation, Economic History, Microeconomics, Debt, Deficit, International Markets, Banking, Finance, Property Rights, Financial Institutions and Crises
    • Michelle Asha Cooper: Higher Education Access and Equity, Student Loans, Federal and State Policies Regarding Postsecondary Education
    • Kimberlé Crenshaw: Gender Equality, Race, Social and Racial Justice, Affirmative Action, Violence Against Women, Structural Racial Inequality


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