Communications and Marketing

    • Farai Chideya: Media, Technology, Diversity, Journalism, Women’s Issues, Social Entrepreneurship, Race, Race Relations, Politics, Innovation, Labor Economic
    • Galina Espinoza: Latinas in the U.S., Media and the U.S. Hispanic Market, Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
    • Rosanna Garcia:  Entrepreneurial Marketing, Sustainability in Innovation, Diffusion of Innovations In a Reluctant Marketplace
    • Felicia Joy: Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Success, Business, Business Strategy, Career Development, Women and Youth Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, & Careers, Consulting, Crisis Management, Communications, Marketing
    • Guy Kawasaki:Technology, Apple Inc., Business, Investing, Entrepreneurship, Product Design, Social Media, Marketing
    • Ana LopezLatin America, Mass Communication, Latin American Film, Cultural Studies, Popular Culture
    • Korina Lopez: Social Media, Digital Strategy, Online Campaigns, Video Hosting
    • Laura Martinez: Hispanic-Targeted Media, Hispanic Marketing, Hispanics in the U.S., Latin American Pop Culture, Immigration, Social Media Trends Among Latinos
    • Raina Merchant: Public Health, Social Media Research, Crowdsourcing, Resuscitation Science
    • Jayme Simões: Business Marketing, Portugal, Public Relations, Crisis Communications, Media Relations, New Hampshire Politics
  • Jerome Williams: Multicultural Marketing, Consumer Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion in the Marketplace, Fair Treatment of Customers, Internet Privacy, Public Health Communication


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