• Nate Easley: Access to Higher Education, Academic and College Completion of African American and Latino Students, Scholarship and Loans, Educational Equity for Low-Income Students
  • Jennifer Eberhardt: Sociology, Science, Racial Stereotyping, Psychology, Human Development, Law
  • Mo Elleithee: Politics, Campaigns, Democratic Party, Media in Politics
  • Rose Elizondo: Restorative Justice, Indigenous Peacemaking, Racial Equity and its intersections of Mass Incarceration, Restorative Economics and Food Justice.
  • Galina Espinoza: Latinas in the U.S., Media and the U.S. Hispanic Market, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle
  • Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal: Civil Rights Law, Immigration Law, Gay Rights, Public Health, Immigrant Rights, Immigration Reform, Latino Rights/Issues, Marriage Equality, Issues Affecting LGBT and HIV-Affected People of Color
  • Eve Ewing: Racism, Social Inequality and Urban Policy in Public School Systems, Sociology of Education

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