• Graciela AponteHomeownership, Foreclosure, Racial Wealth Gap, Payday Lending, Housing Counseling, Consumer Protections
  • Humberto Barreto: Economics of sports, Economics and Excel, History of Economic Thought, Education, Cuba
  • Manley Begay: Tribal Economic Development, Educational Leadership, Indigenous Governance
  • Luisa Blanco: Economics, Policy Analysis
  • George Borjas: Immigration, Economics, Public Policy, Labor Economics
  • Dorothy Brown: Tax Law, Wealth Disparity, Race/Class and Tax Policy
  • Raj Chetty: Economics, Equality of Opportunity, Tax Policy, Unemployment, Education
  • Farai Chideya: Media, Technology, Diversity, Journalism, Women’s Issues, Social Entrepreneurship, Race, Race Relations, Politics, Innovation, Labor Economics
  • Lisa Cook: Economic Growth and Development, Innovation, Economic History, Microeconomics, Debt, Deficit, International Markets, Banking, Finance, Property Rights, Financial Institutions and Crises
  • William Michael Cunningham: Economics, Finance, Crowdfunding, Investing in Minority Communities, Financial Advising
  • Maria Marta Ferreyra: Microeconomics, Economics of Education, Large-Scale Education Reforms, School Finance Reform, Voucher Programs, Charter Schools, Incentives in the Teacher Market
  • Norma P. Garcia: Mortgage Lending, Credit, Finance and Insurance Regulatory Law and Policy
  • Zhan Guo: Transportation policy and behavior
  • Caroline Hoxby: Economics of Education, Higher Education, Financial Aid, College Choice, Low-Income and/or Disadvantaged Students, School Choice, Online/Virtual Education, Teachers, Effects of Education on Economic Growth, International Comparisons of Education, Behavioral Public Finance
  • Hyepin Im: Homeownership, Financial Education, Savings and Investment, Workforce, Economic Development, Asian Americans, Immigrants
  • Imara Jones: Economic Justice, International Economics, Political Science, Policy, Race/Culture/Politics and Economics
  • Adriana Kugler: Job Creation, Labor Market Policies, Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance Programs, Workforce Investment, Training Programs, Inequality, Poverty, Minorities
  • Amy Liu: Economic Development, Exports and Trade, State and Metropolitan Policies, Social Equity, Post-Disaster Recovery
  • Mark Hugo Lopez: The Economy, Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Immigration, Politics and Elections, Attitudes and Opinions of Latinos, Hispanic Views of Identity, Political Engagement of Latinos, Latino Youth
  • Glenn Loury: Applied Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Economics of Race and Inequality
  • Julianne Malveaux: Economics, Labor Economics, Social Issues, Culture, Gender, Race, Education
  • Dedrick Muhammad: Economics, Race and Inequalities, Politics As it Relates to African Americans
  • Moises Naim: Columnist and Commentator on globalization, international politics and economics
  • Sudeep Reddy: U.S. and International Economics, Economic Policy, Business & Politics, Energy Industry, Global Finance
  • William M. Rodgers, III: Federal and Local Government, Public Policy, Economics, Labor Issues, Workforce Development
  • Margaret Simms: Low-Income Families (With An Emphasis On Employment And Asset Building), Poverty, Income And Wealth Disparities
  • Michelle Singletary: Personal Finance, Smart Spending
  • Sung Won Sohn: International Economics (Especially the Pacific-Rim Countries), China’s Impact on the Global Economy
  • William Spriggs: Labor Economics, Minimum Wage, Federal Policy
  • Amir Sufi: Finance, Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, Investments, Financial Decisions, Household Finance, Financial Intermediation, Subprime Mortgages, Syndicated loans, Corporate Liquidity and Investment
  • Tony Villamil: Economy of Florida, Latin American and Caribbean Economies, U.S. Economic Policy
  • Maya Wiley: Race, Racial Justice and Equity, Public Policy (Transportation, Food, Broadband, Energy, Health Care, Economic Development, Jobs, Criminal Justice, Education)


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