• Amir Abo-Shaeer: High school and Secondary Education, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Robotics, STEM
  • Maite Arce: Latino Culture, Environment, and Issues Related To Latinos and Financial Literacy, Health and Education
  • Parminder Bakshi-Hamm: Migrant labor, Women in science, Minority-owned businesses, Literature and culture studies, Higher Education
  • Dr. Manley Begay: Tribal Economic Development; Educational Leadership, Indigenous Governance
  • Dr. Keisha L. Bentley-Edwards: Psychological Development of the frican American Experience in the United States, Adolescent Racial Socialization, Human Development, Culture, Learning Sciences
  • Rosario Ceballo: After-School Activities, Community Violence; Parenting; Poverty; Infertility; Latino Cultural Values
  • Dr. Venida S. Chenault: Haskell Indian Nations University President, Domestic Violence, Tribal College, Education
  • Farai Chideya: Media, Technology, Diversity, Journalism, Women’s Issues, Social Entrepreneurship, Race & Race Relations, Politics, Innovation, Labor Economics
  • Cathy Cohen: American Politics, African-American Politics, Marginal Groups, Social Movements, Women’s and Health issues
  • Shaundra Daily: Broadening participation in computing, Affective computing, Positive technology
  • Nate Easley: Access to Higher Education, Academic and College Completion of African American and Latino Students, Scholarship and Loans, Educational Equity for Low-Income Students
  • Jennifer Eberhardt: Sociology, Science, Racial Stereotyping, Psychology, Human Development, Law
  • Maria Marta Ferreyra: Microeconomics, Economics of Education, Large-Scale Education Reforms, School Finance Reform, Voucher Programs, Charter Schools, Incentives in the Teacher Market
  • Kenneth Fernandez: Survey Methods, Crime, Education, Immigration and Local Economic Development Policy
  • Julio Frenk: Public Health, Healthcare Policy, Global Health, Higher Education
  • Claudia Galindo: Sociology of Education, Educational Policy, Latino Children and Families
  • Juliet Garcia: Higher Education
  • Fatima Goss GravesAffirmative Action in the Workplace, Affirmative Action in Education, Equal Pay and the Wage Gap, Athletics, Military (Women in the Military), Career & Technical Education, Pregnant & Parenting Students, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, School
  • Shaun Harper: Race, Education, Racial Disparities in Education, Higher Education, Black and Latino Male Success in Higher Education, Contemporary Issues in College Sports, Racial Problems and Diversity Trends on College Campuses
  • Freeman Hrabowski: Science and Math Education, Minority Participation and Performance in STEM Fields, Blacks in Tech
  • Marc Lamont Hill: Culture and Cultural Issues, Youth Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Education, Social Issues, Hip-Hop, Neoliberalism, Globalization, Politics
  • Caroline Hoxby: Economics of Education, Higher Education, Financial Aid, College Choice, Low-Income and/or Disadvantaged Students, School Choice, Online/Virtual Education, Teachers, Effects of Education on Economic Growth, International Comparisons of Education, School Finance (K-12), Tax Reform, Behavioral Public Finance
  • Constance Iloh: Higher Education, College Access, Underrepresented Students
  • Anthony Jack: (Higher) education, New diversity at elite colleges, Culture, Cultural capital, Race, Urban poverty, Inequality, Youth
  • Rey Junco: Higher Education, College Students and Social Media
  • Humera Khan: Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), Social Media in CVE, Security Strategies, Islamic Studies, Ideology of Violent Extremism, Women in Security, Youth CVE Programs, Online Radicalization, Women CVE Programs
  • Walter M. Kimbrough: HBCUs, General Higher Education, Equity for Low-Income Students, Fraternities and Sororities, Hazing
  • Mark Hugo Lopez: The Economy, Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Immigration, Politics and Elections, Attitudes and Opinions of Latinos, Hispanic Views of Identity, Political Engagement of Latinos, Latino Youth
  • Valerie Lundy-Wagner: Community Colleges, Educational Access and Equity, Minorities in STEM Fields
  • Tressie McMillan Cottom: For-Profit Higher Education, Digital Inequalities, Transition Points from Student to Worker  
  • Dr. Jared MontoyaGender, Culture and Multicultural Psychology, Group Behavior, Race, Ethnic Relations and Research Methods
  • Nalini M. Nadkarni: Forest Ecology, Rainforest Conservation, Science Education, Inmate Education and Rehabilitation, Prison Reform
  • Pedro Noguera: School Reform, Community Engagement in Schools, School Violence/Discipline, Education Policy, Youth Development, Teacher Efficacy, Parent Involvement in Schools
  • Brittany Packnett: Education, Educational Equality and Policy, Teaching, Public School System
  • Miguel Perez: Politics, Latinos in Politics, Immigration and Latino Issues
  • Steve Perry: Education, Low-Income Students, Minority Students, Community Activism
  • Ainissa Ramirez: STEM Education, Popular Science, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science
  • Deborah A. Santiago: Education, Program Development, Policy Analysis
  • Marcelo Suárez-Orozco: Education, Immigration, Immigration Reform, Culture, Psychology, Anthropology, Mass Migration, Globalization, Latinos in the U.S.
  • Rwany Sibaja: Soccer, 20th-century Argentina, Popular Culture, Social Studies Education
  • Beverly Tatum: Higher Education, Black Families in White Communities, Clinical Psychology, Race Relations, Racial Identity
  • Dana Thompson Dorsey: Education Law, Education Policy (related to Racial, Economic and Geographic Segregation and Affirmative Action), School Reform, Educational Equity and Access, Critical Race Theory
  • Maria Eugenia Trillo: Sociolinguist, Spanish Language, and Educator
  • Tina Trujillo: Education Inequality, Federal Education Policymaking, Test-Based Education Reforms and High-Stakes Testing
  • Eboni M. Zamani-Gallaher: Community Colleges, Diversity in Higher Education, Marginalized Students


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