• Lisa Alvarez-Cohen:  Environmental Engineering, Enviornmental Microbiology, Bio-remediation, Molecular and Isotopic Techhniques for Studying Enviornmental Microbial Communities
    • Hussein Amery: Water and Food Security, Human and Environmental Security, Transboundary Water Conflicts; Identifying and Analyzing Threats to Critical Infrastructure in the Arab Gulf States and the Wider Middle East
    • Maite Arce: Latino Culture, Environment, and Issues Related To Latinos and Financial Literacy, Health and Education
    • Majora Carter: Urban Revitalization, Environmental Issues, Green Jobs
    • Ben Chou: Water Infrastructure and Climate Change Resiliency, Urban Water Efficiency for Drought Management, Importance of Soil Health for Agricultural Climate Resiliency
    • Ahmed Hassan: Landscaping, Landscape Design and Maintenance, Gardening, Outdoor Home Improvement
    • Lekelia Jenkins: Marine Conservation, Environmental Conservation Technology, Marine Renewable Energy
    • Danielle Lee: Biology, Environment, Urban Ecology, Animal Behavior, Science Outreach, Hip-Hop
    • Nalini M. Nadkarni: Forest Ecology, Rainforest Conservation, Science Education, Inmate Education and Rehabilitation, Prison Reform
    • Erika Zavaleta: Environmental Science, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Conservation, Biodiversity, Climate Change


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