• Linda McGill Boasmond: Business, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurship, Women in Science, Chemical Manufacturing
    • Melissa L. Bradley: Socially Responsible Investment, Economic Equality, Economic and Environmental Stability, Financial Consulting
    • Tracy Dumas: Work-Family/Work-Life Boundary, Workplace Dissimilarity/Demographic Diversity, Status Differences in Organizations
    • Norma P. Garcia: Mortgage Lending, Credit, Finance and Insurance Regulatory Law and Policy
    • Carlos GutierrezBusiness and Commerce, Immigration and Immigration Reform, Politics, Policy, Latinos, Cuba
    • Sheena Iyengar: Art of Choice, Perceiving and Responding to Choice, Global Leadership, Thinking Globally, Entrepreneurial Creativity
    • Felicia Joy: Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Success, Business, Business Strategy, Career Development, Women and Youth Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, & Careers, Consulting, Crisis Management, Communications, Marketing
    • Guy KawasakiTechnology, Apple Inc., Business, Investing, Entrepreneurship, Product Design, Social Media, Marketing
    • Kathy Martinez: Disability Employment, Workplace Diversity and Inclusion, Youth with Disabilities, Expectations and Job Skills of People with Disabilities
    • Moises Naim: Columnist and Commentator on globalization, international politics and economics
    • Sudeep Reddy: U.S. and International Economics, Economic Policy, Business & Politics, Energy Industry, Global Finance
    • Sung Won Sohn: International Economics (Especially the Pacific-Rim Countries), China’s Impact on the Global Economy
    • Amir Sufi: Finance, Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, Investments, Financial Decisions, Household Finance, Financial Intermediation, Subprime Mortgages, Syndicated loans, Corporate Liquidity and Investment
    • Veronica Vargas Stidvent: Business, Law, Immigration Policy and Reform, Latino Politics, Hispanic Culture and Identity
    • David A. Thomas: Leadership, Cultural Diversity in Organizations, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Human Resource Management, Executive Development, and Organizational Change
    • Tony Villamil: Economy of Florida, Latin American and Caribbean Economies, U.S. Economic Policy
    • Tracey Webb: African-American Philanthropy, Charitable Giving, Non-Profits


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