• Anna Maria Chávez: Women’s Leadership, Youth Development, and Public Policy
  • Yanira Cruz: Public Health, Aging Issues, Advocating for Health Programs and Policies for Hispanies
  • Daisy Auger-Dominguez: Workplace Diversity, Tech
  • Eve Ewing: Racism, Social Inequality and Urban Policy in Public School Systems, Sociology of Education
  • Elizabeth OuYang: Voting, Immigration, Media Accountability, Combating Hate crimes and Police Brutality + Race, Sex, and Disability Discrimination
  • Paloma Vargas: Microbiology, Cell Activity, Higher Education, Diversity, STEM
  • Tristan Walker: Technology, Diversity, Education, Branding, Marketing and Communications, Entepreneurship
  • Derrick E. White: African American Civil Rights and Black Power Organizations, Sports and Race, Social Justice and Racial Politics