International Affairs

    • Akbar Ahmed: Islamic Studies, Foreign Policy, Civil Service, Middle East and North Africa Politics, Islamist Movements


    • Aziz Abu Sarah: Middle East Conflict Dynamics, Middle Eastern Affairs, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Afghanistan, the Arab Spring, Interfaith Dialogue, World Religions


    • Hisham Aidi: Politics of Globalization, North-South Relations, Social Movements, Immigration, Youth Movements in Europe, African and Afro-Diasporan Affairs


    • Hussein Amery: Water and Food Security, Human and Environmental Security, Transboundary Water Conflicts; Identifying and Analyzing Threats to Critical Infrastructure in the Arab Gulf States and the Wider Middle East


    • Parminder Bakshi-Hamm: Migrant labor, Women in science, Minority-owned businesses, Literature and culture studies, Higher Education


    • Tomas Bilbao: Foreign Policy, Latin American Policy, U.S. Policy, Nonprofit Policy Advocacy, Nonprofit Management




    • Derrick Cogburn: International communication, global disability policy, global information and communication technology and policy


    • Lisa Cook: Economic Growth and Development, Innovation, Economic History, Microeconomics, Debit, Deficit, International Markets, Banking, Finance, Property Rights, Financial Institutions and Crises


    • Jeffrey Fields: U.S. Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, International Security, WMD Proliferation and Counterproliferation



    • Jimmy Gurulé: Criminal Law, International Criminal Law, Terrorism, Terrorist Financing, Anti-Money Laundering


    • Sherine Hafez: Women in Muslim-Majority Societies and Cultures, Islamic Movements, Women’s Islamic Activism, Gender and Sexuality in Muslim Societies, Gender/Religion/Secularism in the Middle East, Egypt & Egyptian Culture, Anthropology


    • Humera Khan: Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), Social Media in CVE, Security Strategies, Islamic Studies, Ideology of Violent Extremism, Women in Security, Youth CVE Programs, Online Radicalization, Women CVE Programs


    • Jenny S. Martinez: Civil Procedure and Litigation, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights, International Law


    • Moises Naim: Columnist and Commentator on globalization, international politics and economics


    • Mark Q. Sawyer: Political Science, African American Studies, Caribbean Politics, Cuba



    • Samer Shehata: Middle East Politics, Islamist Movements, US-Middle East Relations, Egyptian Politics


    • Sung Won Sohn: International Economics (Especially the Pacific-Rim Countries), China’s Impact on the Global Economy


    • Tony Villamil: Economy of Florida, Latin American and Caribbean Economies, U.S. Economic Policy


  • Margaret Zanger: Middle East and the Muslim World (particularly Egypt, Iraq, the Kurds), Kurdish and Iraqi Media Development, Conflict & Media


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