• Claudia Galindo: Sociology of Education, Educational Policy, Latino Children and Families
    • Patricia Gándara: Language Policy, Bilingual Education, Latino Education (especially education of Latinas), US-Mexico Education Issues; Higher Education Access and Equity
    • Juliet Garcia: Higher Education, Educational Management, Hispanic and Latino Communities
    • Norma P. Garcia: Mortgage Lending, Credit, Finance and Insurance Regulatory Law and Policy
    • Rosanna Garcia: Entrepreneurial Marketing, Sustainability in Innovation, Diffusion of Innovations In a Reluctant Marketplace
    • Andra Gillespie: African American Politics, “Post-Racial” Politics, Political Participation, Race and Elections
    • Phillip Atiba Goff: Race; Racial Bias; Discrimination; Intersections of Race and Gender; Bias in Criminal Justice; Race, Crime and Justice
    • Alan Gomez: Immigration, Immigration Reform, Immigrant Communities, Congress, Tea Party
    • Jerry Gonzalez: Latino Issues, Immigration, Politics, Latino Vote, Leadership Development, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Gay Rights, Marriage Equality
    • Ana Gonzalez-Berrera: Public Opinion Research and Statistical Analysis of Hispanic and immigration populations in the U.S. with a particular expertise on Mexican migration
    • Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve: Criminal  Justice, Mass Incarceration, Police Brutality, Criminal Defense Racism, Criminal Courts and Criminal Court Reform
    • Travis Gosa: Race, New Politics, Hip Hop Culture, Education, Popular Culture
    • Fatima Goss Graves: Affirmative Action in the Workplace, Affirmative Action in Education, Equal Pay and the Wage Gap, Athletics, Military (Women in the Military), Career and Technical Education, Pregnant & Parenting Students, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, School
    • Christina Greer: American Politics, Black Ethnic Politics, Urban Politics, Quantitative Methods, New York City and New York State Politics, Congress, Campaigns & Elections, Public Opinion
    • Guillermo Grenier: Polling, Cultural Studies, Latin America, Immigration, Cuban Immigrants, Sociology
    • Lillian Guerra: Cuban and Caribbean History, Power Dynamics, Nationalism
    • Zhan Guo: Transportation Policy and Behavior
    • Jimmy GuruléCriminal Law, International Criminal Law, Terrorism, Terrorism Financing, Anti-Money Laundering
    • Carlos Gutierrez: Business and Commerce, Immigration and Immigration Reform, Politics, Policy, Latinos, Cuba


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