• Maite Arce: Latino Culture, Environment, and Issues Related To Latinos and Financial Literacy, Health and Education
    • Georges Benjamin: Infectious Diseases and Administrative Leadership in Health Systems
    • Otis Brawley: Chief Medical & Scientific Officer for the American Cancer Society. Cancer Researcher and Educator
    • Akilah Carter-Francique: Historical and Contemporary Experiences of Participants in Sport and Physical Activity, Experiences of Black Females and Males in Educational Institutions (K-20) Health and Well-Being for Women Of Color
    • Pearl Chiu: Decision-Making, Decision Neuroscience, Computational Psychiatry, Depression, Substance Dependence, Social Influences on Decision-Making, Motivation and Incentives
    • Dr. Roberta Diaz Brinton: Learning, Memory, Alzheimer’s, Aging of the Brain, Effects of Drugs and Steroids on the Brain, Neuropharmacology, Biochemistry of Learning and Memory
    • Henri Ford: Neonatal Surgery; Global Surgery; Medical Education; Intestinal Barrier Failure, Leadership in American Surgery
    • Julio Frenk: Public Health, Healthcare Policy, Global Health, Higher Education
    • Tony Hilton: Palliative Care, End-Of-Life Care Planning And Ethics, Medical Case Management, Long Term Mechanical Ventilation in Community Care Settings, Home Health Care for High Risk and Technology Dependent Patients
    • Diana Hernández:  Community-Based Healthcare, Minority Health, Environmental Risk Factors, and Urban Health
    • Purna Kashyap: Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetic Gastroparesis, Mitochondrial Disorders, Neurogastroenterology, Microbial Ecology
    • Ximena Lopez: Mental and Endocrine Care of Transgender Adolescents, Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity
    • June McKoy: Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Health Care, Geriatric Health, Aging, Holistic Medicine, Elderly Care
    • Raina Merchant: Public Health, Social Media Research, Crowdsourcing, Resuscitation Science
    • Praveen Mummaneni: Treatment and Surgery for Degenerative Spine Disease, Scoliosis, and Spinal Tumors
    • Alex Ortega: Public Health, Health Disparities, Health Needs of Latino Children and Families, Epidemiology
    • Edwin Park: Health Care Policy and Reform, Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance Market, Low/Middle-Income Families
    • Dr. Kavita Patel: Health-Care Reform, Cost of Health Care, Primary Care Medicine, Healthcare Workforce Issues, Medicare, Disparities in Health Care
    • Eliseo Pérez-Stable: Health and Healthcare Disparities by Race and Ethnicity (with a special emphasis on cancer prevention), Cigarette Smoking Cessation among Diverse Populations, Minority Aging
    • Dwayne Proctor: Childhood Obesity, Public Health, Health Care, Medicine, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Health Care for Low Income/Minority Communities, Health Communications
    • Valerie Montgomery Rice: Women’s Health, Medicine, Public Health, Patient Care, HIV Prevention, Minority Health, Health Disparities, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Endocrinology, Infertility
    • Dr. Wayne Riley: Obamacare/Affordable Care Act, Public Health, Health Care for Minority and Underserved Communities, Health Care Policy, Health Care Management, Health Science, Medicine (Primary Care, Internal Medicine)
    • Janet Tomiyama: Eating Behavior, Obesity, Dieting & Stress, Eating & Cellular Aging, Weight Stigma, Health Disparities in Stress & Weight, Behavioral Economics, Healthier Eating
    • Luis Zayas: Mental Health, Social Policy, Diagnostic Processes, Suicide Attempts of Young Latinas, Mental Health Intervention, Latino Families


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