• Hisham Aidi: Politics of Globalization, North-South Relations, Social Movements, Immigration, Youth Movements in Europe, African and Afro-Diasporan Affairs
    • Parminder Bakshi-Hamm: Migrant labor in Europe, Women in science, Minority-owned businesses, Literature and culture studies, Higher Education
    • Nilanjana Bhattacharjya: Ethnomusicology, South Asian popular music, Music and migration, South Asian popular culture, South Asian popular culture in the diaspora, South Asian American history, South Asian immigration
    • George Borjas: Immigration, Economics, Public Policy, Labor Economics
    • Al Cardenas: Latino Politics, Republican Strategy, Law, Advocacy, Lobbying
    • Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal: Civil Rights Law, Immigration Law, Gay Rights, Public Health, Immigrant Rights, Immigration Reform, Latino Rights/Issues, Marriage Equality & Issues Affecting LGBT and HIV-Affected People of Color
    • John Carlos Frey: U.S.-Mexico Border, Border Reporting, Border Security, Immigration, Immigrants
    • Claudia Galindo: Immigration, Educational inequality, Educational Policy & Reform, Family, School & Community Partnerships, Latino Education, Education
    • Alan Gomez: Immigration, Immigration Reform, Immigrant Communities, Congress, Tea Party
    • Ana Gonzalez-Barrera : Immigration, Public opinion research and statistical analysis of Hispanic and immigrant populations in the U.S., with a particular expertise on Mexican migration
    • Jerry Gonzalez: Latino Issues, Immigration, Politics, Latino Vote, Leadership Development, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Gay Rights, Marriage Equality
    • Guillermo Grenier: Polling, Cultural Studies, Latin America, Immigration, Cuban Immigrants, Sociology
    • Carlos Gutierrez: Immigration & Immigration Reform, Business, Commerce, Politics, Policy, Latinos, Cuba
    • Ron Hira: High-Skilled Immigration, STEM Labor Markets, Offshoring and Outsourcing, Innovation Policy
    • Hyepin Im: Immigration, Homeownership, Affordable Housing, Foreclosure, Financial Education, Savings & Investment, Workforce, Economic Development, Economics, Asian Americans, Mental Health, Marriage Education, Domestic Violence, Digital Literacy
    • Jennifer S. Korn: Politics & Policy, Hispanic & Latino Affairs, Political Campaigns & Winning Political Plans for Candidate and Issue Campaigns, Women’s Affairs, Intergovernmental Affairs
    • Laila Lalami: Morocco and North Africa, Women and Islam, Migration, Historical Fiction
    • Jennifer Lee: Immigration, Children of Immigrants, Race/Ethnicity, Social Inequality, Asian American Education and Identity, Mexican American Mobility, Multiracial Americans & Identities
    • Mark Hugo Lopez: Attitudes & Opinions of Latinos, Hispanic Views of Identity, Political Engagement of Latinos, Latino Youth, the Economy, Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Immigration, Politics & Elections
    • María Pabón López: Immigration Law, Diversity and the Law, Legal Education, Family Law, Trusts and Estates, Criminal Law
    • Mae Ngai: Immigration History and Policy, Asian-American Studies, U.S. Legal and Political History, Citizenship, Nationalism
    • Miguel Perez: Political Analyst, Latinos in Politics, Immigration and Latino Issues
    • Lorella Praeli: Immigration Policy & Politics, Immigration Youth Movement, DREAM Act, Youth Organizing
    • Karthick Ramakrishnan: Immigration Policy; Politics of Race, Ethnicity & Immigration; Civic Participation; Asian Americans
    • Gabriela Rivera: Constitutional & Administrative Law and Litigation, Immigrant Rights, Racial Justice, Police Practices, Criminal Justice, Economic Justice, Immigration Law, International Human Rights Law
    • Cristina Rodriguez: Immigration Law, Effects of Immigration on Society & Culture, Language Rights & Policy, Migration, Civil Rights & Citizenship, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law
    • Marcelo Suárez-Orozco: Education, Immigration, Immigration Reform, Culture, Psychology, Anthropology, Mass Migration, Globalization, Latinos in the U.S.
    • Van Tran: Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Poverty, Neighborhoods and Cities, Social Inequality, Public Policy
    • Cecillia Wang: Immigration, Immigration Law, Immigrant Rights, Civil Rights, Criminal Law
    • Tom Wong: Immigration Politics & Policy, Comparative Politics, Human Rights, Citizenship
    • Miriam Yeung: Asian & Pacific Islanders, Women, Immigrant Rights, LGBT Issues, Domestic & Workplace Violence, Human Rights & Security, Trafficking & Prostitution, Discrimination, Employment & Unemployment, Immigration & Migration


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