• Laila Lalami:Morocco and North Africa, Women and Islam, Migration, Historical Fiction
    • Walter Lamar: Security, Law Enforcement and Training, Drug & Gang Awareness, Community Policing, Tribal Law Enforcement, Risk Management
    • Jessica L. Lavariega Monforti: Public Policy Impacts by Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Impacts of Technology, Military System and Immigration Policy on Latino Youth
    • Danielle Lee: Biology, Environment, Urban Ecology, Animal Behavior, Science Outreach, Hip-Hop
    • Jennifer Lee: Immigration, Children of Immigrants, Race/Ethnicity, Social Inequality, Asian American Education and Identity, Mexican American Mobility, Multiracial Americans and Identities
    • Amy Liu: Economic Development, Exports and Trade, State and Metropolitan Policies, Social Equity, Post-Disaster Recovery
    • Patty Loew: Ojibwe Treaty Rights, Indigenous Sovereignty, Importance of Native Media, Journalism
    • Ana Lopez: Latin America, Mass Communication, Latin American Film, Cultural Studies, Popular Culture
    • Korina Lopez: Social Media, Digital Strategy, Online Campaigns, Video Hosting.
    • Mark Hugo Lopez: Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Immigration, Politics and Elections, Attitudes and Opinions of Latinos, Hispanic Views of Identity, Political Engagement of Latinos, Latino Youth
    • María Pabón López: Immigration Law, Diversity and the Law, Legal Education, Family Law, Trusts and Estates, Criminal Law
    • Ximena Lopez – Mental and Endocrine Care of Transgender Adolescents, Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity
    • Glenn Loury: Applied Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Economics of Race and Inequality
    • Luis E. Lugo: U.S. and Global Religious Beliefs and Practices, Religious Demography, Latinos, Religion and Politics


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