• Aziz Abu Sarah: Middle East Conflict Dynamics, Middle Eastern Affairs, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Afghanistan, the Arab Spring, Interfaith Dialogue, World Religions


    • Amir Abo Shaeer: High School and Secondary Education, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Robotics, STEM



    • Akbar Ahmed: Islamic Studies, Foreign Policy, Civil Service, Middle East and North Africa Politics, Islamist Movements


    • Hisham Aidi: Politics of Globalization, North-South Relations, Social Movements, Immigration, Youth Movements in Europe, African and Afro-Diasporan Affairs


    • Lisa Alvarez- Cohen: Environmental Engineering, Enviornmental Microbiology, Bio-remediation, Molecular and Isotopic Techhniques for Studying Enviornmental Microbial Communities



    • R. Michael Alvarez: Voting Behavior, Hispanic Electorate in the U.S., Election Technologies, Candidate Strategy, Election Fraud



    • Hussein Amery: Water and Food Security, Human and Environmental Security, Transboundary Water Conflicts; Identifying and Analyzing Threats to Critical Infrastructure in the Arab Gulf States and the Wider Middle East


    • Graciela Aponte: Homeownership, Foreclosure, Racial Wealth Gap, Payday Lending, Housing Counseling, Consumer Protections


    • Maite Arce: Latino Culture, Environment, and Issues Related To Latinos and Financial Literacy, Health and Education



    • Sarah Audelo: Millennial Voter Engagement, Polling, Mobilization of Young Voters


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