• Nita Farahany: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Biosciences and Emerging Technologies; Law; Philosophy; Bioethics; Neuroethics; Neuroscience; Genetics


    • Roger Anthony Fairfax: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Justice Policy, Criminal Justice Reform, Grand Juries, Prosecutorial Ethics and Discretion, Indigent Criminal Defense, White Collar Crime


    • Maria Marta Ferreyra: Microeconomics, Economics of Education, Large-Scale Education Reforms, School Finance Reform, Voucher Programs, Charter Schools, Incentives in the Teacher Market


    • Kenneth Fernandez: Survey Methods, Crime, Education, Immigration and Local Economic Development Policy


    • Jeffrey Fields: U.S. Foreign Policy. Diplomacy. International Security. WMD Proliferation and Counterproliferation


    • Mathew Fletcher: Federal Law, Federal Indian Law, Tribal Law, Indian Law and Policy, Land Claims, Tribal Indian Gaming, Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)


    • Jocelyn Fontaine: Multisite evaluation, Mixed-method evaluation designs, Reentry, Crime prevention/reduction, Supportive housing (for the reentry population)


    • Henri Ford: Neonatal Surgery; Global Surgery; Medical Education; Intestinal Barrier Failure, Leadership in American Surgery


    • Armando Fox: Computer Engineering, Software, Cloud Computing, Computing and Society, Online Education, Computer Programming


    • Deen Freelon: Political Expression Through Digital Media, Data Computation and Analysis


    • Julio Frenk: Public Health, Healthcare Policy, Global Health, Higher Education


    • John Carlos Frey: U.S.-Mexico Border, Border Reporting, Border Security, Immigration, Immigrants


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