• Sherine Hafez: Women in Muslim-Majority Societies and Cultures, Islamic Movements, Women’s Islamic Activism, Gender and Sexuality in Muslim Societies, Gender/Religion/Secularism in the Middle East, Egypt & Egyptian Culture, Anthropology
  • Ian Haney-Lopez: Race, Class, Latinos, Racism, Race Law, Constitutional Law
  • Ange-Marie HancockPolitics, Intersectionality, Gender and Sports, Feminism
  • Cecily Hardaway: Exposure to Community Violence, Poverty, Adolescent Development, Family Processes, Low-Income Families
  • Shaun Harper: Race, Education, Racial Disparities in Education, Higher Education, Black and Latino Male Success in Higher Education, Contemporary Issues in College Sports, Racial Problems and Diversity Trends on College Campuses
  • Alexes Harris: Criminal Justice Processing and Sentencing of Monetary Sanctions, Race and Ethnicity In The United States
  • Carl Hart: Behavioral Psychology, Addiction, Substance Abuse, Environmental and Neurobiological Influences on Human Behavior
  • Sabrina Harvey: Communications, Technology, Marketing, Multimedia
  • Ahmed Hassan: Landscaping, Landscape Design and Maintenance, Gardening, Outdoor Home Improvement
  • Diana Hernández: Community-Based Healthcare, Minority Health, Environmental Risk Factors, and Urban Health
  • Nicole Hernandez Hammer: Climate Change, Climate Change Advocacy Among Latino Populations
  • Marc Lamont Hill: Culture and Cultural Issues, Youth Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Education, Social Issues, Hip-Hop, Neoliberalism, Globalization, Politics
  • Tony Hilton: Palliative Care, End-Of-Life Care Planning And Ethics, Medical Case Management, Long Term Mechanical Ventilation in Community Care Settings, Home Health Care for High Risk and Technology Dependent Patients
  • Ron Hira: High-Skilled Immigration, STEM Labor Markets, Offshoring and Outsourcing, Innovation Policy
  • Caroline Hoxby: Economics of Education, Higher Education, Financial Aid, College Choice, Low-Income and/or Disadvantaged Students, School Choice, Online/Virtual Education, Teachers (effects, pay, unionization, tenure, etc.), Effects of Education on Economic Growth, International Comparisons of Education (especially higher education), School Finance (K-12), Tax Reform, Behavioral Public Finance
  • Freeman Hrabowski: Science and Math Education, Minority Participation and Performance in STEM Fields, Blacks in Tech
  • Hua Hsu: Culture Criticism, Sports, Music, Film, American Intellectual History, Transpacific Literary History, Cultural Studies
  • Julia Huang: Marketing to Asian Americans
  • Vincent Hutchings: American Government and Politics; Race, Ethnicity and Politics; Public Opinion; Elections and Voting Behavior; African-American Politics; Afroamerican and African Studies, Campaigns


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