• Brittany Packnett: Education, Educational Equality and Policy, Teaching, Public School System


    • Edwin Park: Health Care Policy and Reform, Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance Market, Low/Middle-Income Families


    • Jacqueline Pata: Native American Issues, Tribal Government, Homeownership and Housing Policy


    • Eboo Patel: Interfaith Cooperation and World Religions


    • Faiza Patel: Civil Liberties, Islam in America, Counterterrorism Laws, Law, National Security


    • Kavita Patel: Health-Care Reform, Cost of Health Care, Primary Care Medicine, Healthcare Workforce Issues, Medicare, Disparities in Health Care


    • Miguel Perez: Politics, Latinos in Politics, Immigration and Latino Issues


    • Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable: Health and Healthcare Disparities by Race and Ethnicity (with a special emphasis on cancer prevention), Cigarette Smoking Cessation among Diverse Populations, Minority Aging



    • Steve Perry: Education, Low-Income Students, Minority Students, Community Activism


    • Lorella Praeli: Immigration Policy & Politics, Immigration Youth Movement, DREAM Act, Youth Organizing



    • Dwayne Proctor: Childhood Obesity, Public Health, Health Care, Medicine, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Health Care for Low Income/Minority Communities, Health Communications


    • Robert Puentes: Transportation and Infrastructure, Urban Planning, Smart Cities, Metropolitan Growth Management, Suburban Issues



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