• Karthick Ramakrishnan: Immigration Policy; Politics of Race, Ethnicity and Immigration; Civic Participation; Asian Americans
    • Ainissa Ramirez: STEM Education, Popular Science, Mechanical Engineering, Material Science
    • Hussein Rashid: Shi’i Justice Theology, South and Central Asian Studies, Muslim and American Popular Culture
    • Sudeep Reddy: U.S. and International Economics, Economic Policy, Business & Politics, Energy Industry, Global Finance
    • Jaime Regalado: Elections & Campaigns, Race Relations & Coalition Building, Voting Rights and Political Representation, Politics of Organized Labor, Voter Attitudes
    • Joy-Ann Reid: Politics, Political Communication, Campaigns, Media (Radio and TV), Journalism
    • Wayne Riley: Obamacare/Affordable Care Act, Public Health, Health Care for Minority and Underserved Communities, Health Care Policy, Health Care Management, Health Science, Medicine (Primary Care, Internal Medicine)
    • Evette Rios: DIY Design, Food and Food Trends, Interior Design, Budget-Friendly Crafts, Entertaining
    • Gabriela Rivera: Constitutional & Administrative Law and Litigation, Immigrant Rights, Racial Justice, Police Practices, Criminal Justice, Economic Justice, Immigration Law, International Human Rights Law
    • Cristina Rodriguez: Immigration Law, Effects of Immigration on Society & Culture, Language Rights & Policy, Migration, Civil Rights and Citizenship, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law
    • Margaret Russell: Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Freedom of Speech, Racial Equality, Supreme Court
  • Angela Rye: Legislative Procedure and Organization, Economic Empowerment, Civic Engagement, Political Involvement, Diversity, Pop Culture


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