• Cecillia Wang: Immigration, Immigration Law, Immigrant Rights, Civil Rights, Criminal Law
  • Oliver Wang: Music, Sports, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Hip-Hop
  • Vince Wang: Land Use Modeling, Housing Policy and Evaluation, Transportation Planning
  • Dorian Warren: Labor Organizing, Politics, Policy, Race & Ethnic Politics, African-American Politics, Urban Politics & Policy, American Political Development, Community Organizing, Social Movements, Social Science Methodology
  • Malik Washington: Youth and Poverty, Youth and Violence, Mentorship, Non-Profit Community Outreach, Writing and Blogging, Media, African Americans, African American Culture
  • Tracey Webb: African-American Philanthropy, Charitable Giving, Non-Profits
  • Maya Wiley: Race, Racial Justice and Equity, Public Policy (Transportation, Food, Broadband, Energy, Health Care, Economic Development, Jobs, Criminal Justice, Education)
  • Eboni K. Williams: Gay Marriage, Supreme Court Cases, Affirmative Action, Immigration, Gun Violence, Elections, GOP/Minority Relations, Women’s Issues, Constitutional Law
  • Jerome Williams: Multicultural Marketing, Consumer Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion in the Marketplace, Fair Treatment of Customers, Internet Privacy, Public Health Communication
  • Khalilah Williams-Webb: Fashion Styling, Image Consulting
  • Patricia Williams: Contract Law, Bioethics, Civil and Human Rights (Race, Gender, Disability and Mental Health), Social Justice
  • Karsonya Wise Whitehead: Intersections of Race, Class and Gender; African & African-American Culture; Race Relations; Working in Diverse Environments
  • Tom Wong: Immigration Politics and Policy, Comparative Politics, Human Rights, Citizenship
  • Leah Wright Rigueur: Race and Politics, Modern African American History, U.S. Political and Social History, and Riots, Backlash and Campus Unrest


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