• Mehrsa Baradaran: Contracts and Banking Law, Credit Inequality, Law in Financial Institutions
    • Ayesha Bell Hardaway: Health law, Constitutional law, Criminal law, Race and the law, and Civil Litigation
    • Dorothy Brown: Tax Law, Wealth Disparity, Race/Class and Tax Policy
    • Paul Butler: Criminal Justice, Civil Rights & Race Relations, Public Corruption
    • Al Cardenas: Law, Advocacy, Lobbying, Politics, Republican Strategy, Latino Politics
    • Inimai Chettiar: Law, Justice, Incarceration, Affirmative Action, Race, Low-Income Americans, Legal Reform
    • Sarah Deer: Tribal Law, Domestic Assault and Sexual Violence, Victim Rights, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
    • N. Jeremi Duru: Law & Sports, Civil Procedure, Employment Discrimination Law
    • Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal: Civil Rights Law, Immigration Law, Gay Rights, Public Health, Immigrant Rights, Immigration Reform, Latino Rights/Issues, Marriage Equality & Issues Affecting LGBT and HIV-Affected People of Color
    • Nita Farahany: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Biosciences and Emerging Technologies; Law; Philosophy; Bioethics; Neuroethics; Neuroscience; Genetics
    • Roger Anthony Fairfax: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Justice Policy, Criminal Justice Reform, Grand Juries, Prosecutorial Ethics and Discretion, Indigent Criminal Defense, White Collar Crime
    • Mathew Fletcher: Federal Law, Federal Indian Law, Tribal Law, Indian Law & Policy, Land Claims, Tribal Indian Gaming, Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)
    • Phillip Atiba Goff: Race; Racial Bias; Discrimination; Intersections of Race and Gender; Bias in Criminal Justice; Race, Crime and Justice
    • Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve: Criminal  Justice, Mass Incarceration, Police Brutality, Criminal Defense Racism and Criminal Courts
    • Fatima Goss Graves: Affirmative Action in the Workplace, Affirmative Action in Education, Equal Pay & the Wage Gap, Athletics, Military (Women in the Military), Career & Technical Education, Pregnant & Parenting Students, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, School Reform & Dropout Prevention, Sexual Harassment & Bullying, Single Sex Education, Education & Title IX, Employment
    • Jimmy Gurulé: Criminal Law, International Criminal Law, Terrorism, Terrorist Financing, Anti-Money Laundering
    • Sherrilyn Ifill: Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Judicial Diversity, Judicial Decision-Making
    • Kevin R. Johnson: Law, Immigration Law, Chicana/o Studies, Latinos, Public Interest Law, Civil Rights, Civil Procedure
    • Michael Kang: Election Law, Political Science, Campaign Finance, Voting Rights, Political Parties
    • Neal Katyal: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedural, Practicing in Litigation & Arbitration, Appellate, Intellectual Property, Health, Securities Litigation & Enforcement
    • Walter Lamar: Security, Law Enforcement and Training, Drug & Gang Awareness, Community Policing, Tribal Law Enforcement, Risk Management.
    • María Pabón López: Immigration Law, Diversity and the Law, Legal Education, Family Law, Trusts and Estates, Criminal Law
    • Jenny S. Martinez: Civil Procedure and Litigation, Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights, International Law
    • Tracey Meares: Criminal Law & Policy, Crime Prevention, Criminal Procedure, Police Legitimacy, Community
    • Charles J. Ogletree: Criminal Law, Death Penalty, Juvenile Justice, DNA Fingerprinting, Race & Criminal Justice, South Africa, International Law, Legal Ethics, Public Defender, Criminal Justice Systems
    • Yvette OstolazaCommercial/Corporate Lawsuits, Commercial Litigation, Corporate Investigations, Class Action Lawsuits, Corporate Governance
    • Faiza Patel: Civil Liberties, Islam in America, Counterterrorism Laws, Law, National Security
    • Asifa Quraishi-Landes: Islamic Law, Constitutional law, Sharia in America, Women’s Rights in Islamic Law
    • Gabriela Rivera: Constitutional and Administrative Law and Litigation, Immigrant Rights, Racial Justice, Police Practices, Criminal Justice, Economic Justice, Immigration Law, International Human Rights Law
    • Margaret Russell: Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Freedom of Speech, Racial Equality, Supreme Court
    • Shirin Sinnar: Civil Procedure, Terrorism, Intersection of Race and Identity with National Security
    • Dana Thompson Dorsey: Education Law, Education Policy (related to Racial, Economic and Geographic Segregation and Affirmative Action), School Reform, Educational Equity and Access, Critical Race Theory
    • Ciara Torres-Spelliscy: Law, Corporate Governance, Election Law, Business Ethics, and Constitutional Law
    • Veronica Vargas Stidvent: Immigration Law & Reform, Latino Politics
    • Cecillia Wang: Immigration, Immigration Law, Immigrant Rights, Civil Rights, Criminal Law
    • Eboni K. Williams: Gay Marriage, Supreme Court Cases, Affirmative Action, Immigration, Gun Violence, Elections, GOP/Minority Relations, Women’s Issues, Constitutional Law
    • Patricia Williams: Contract Law, Bioethics, Civil and Human Rights (Race, Gender, Disability and Mental Health), Social Justice
    • Leah Wright Rigueur: Race and Politics, Modern African American History, U.S. Political and Social History, and Riots, Backlash and Campus Unrest


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