Melissa L. Bradley

Melissa Bradley is the founder and managing director of New Capitalist, an organization that leverages “human, financial and social capital to create economically profitable and sustainable individuals, businesses and communities.”

Before starting New Capitalist, Bradley served as the CEO of the investment consulting organization the Tides Foundation, bringing together partners and donors. Her expertise in socially responsible investing comes from years of consulting organizations such as the Center for American Progress, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation on Family Economic Security and Civic Engagement and Green for All.


Founder, Managing Director of New Capitalist

Areas of Expertise: Investment, Wealth Disparities, Microenterprise, Workforce Development, Economic and Environmental Sustainability
Location: Washington, D.C.

Contact Info: 


Phone: (917) 549-6092

Twitter: @bradleyml, @newcapitalist

Bradley speaks at Tides Momentum: Building Wealth for All