#NPRSource: A Year in Review

In 2016, Source of the Week made an effort to increase Latina voices on air. For the the vast majority of the year, a Latina was highlighted  as our weekly #NPRSource. Below are all 45 Latinas featured in 2016.

Listed without images:

  1. Erica Andiola (Immigration)
  2. Erica Bernal-Martinez (Politics and Policymaking)
  3. Nicole Hernandez Hammer (Environment)
  4. Patricia Valoy (STEM careers)
  5. Ursula Mentjes (Entrepreneurship)
  6. Sixcia Devine (Entrepreneurship)
  7. Diana Hernandez (Sociomedical Science)
  8. Adriana Galvan (Psychology and Brain Development)
  9. Mariel Vazquez (Microbiology, Mathematics, and Molecular Genetics)
  10. Jessica L. Lavariega Monforti (Political Science)
  11. Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve (Criminal Justice)
  12. Tina Trujillo (Education)
  13. Lisa Alvarez-Cohen (Environmental Engineering)
  14. Rosanna Garcia (Marketing)
  15. Sarah Audelo (Voting and Politics)
  16. Mariana Ibañez (Architecture and Design)
  17. Maria Mayorga (Health and Medicine)
  18. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (Politics and Law)
  19. Yanira Cruz (Public Health)
  20. Gurtina Besla (Astronomy)
  21. Jessica González-Rojas (Reproductive Health Policy)
  22. Marta Tienda (Socioeconomic Inequality)
  23. Stella Flores (Higher Education)
  24. Melanie M. Domenech Rodriguez (Psychology)
  25. Natalia Oberti Noguera (Social Entrepreneurship)
  26. Tammy Vigil (Campaign Rhetoric)
  27. Maria Chávez (Citizenship and U.S. Politics)
  28. Ginetta Candelario (Sociology and Latino/a Studies)
  29. Beatriz Cuartas (American Politics)
  30. Dior Vargas (Mental Health)
  31. Luisa Blanco (Economics)
  32. Deborah A Santiago (Education)
  33. Ramona Ortega (Finance)
  34. Diana Ramos (Medicine)
  35. Adriana Salerno (Mathematics)
  36. Daisy Auger Dominguez (Diversity)
  37. Imelda Reyes (Healthcare)
  38. Erika Zavaleta (Environmental Science)
  39. Ciara Torres Spelliscy (Law)
  40. Nora Volkow (Drug Abuse and Addiction)
  41. Shirley Leyro (Criminology)
  42. Silvia Mazzula (Criminal Justice)
  43. Anna Maria Chavez (Youth Development and Public Policy)
  44. Lillian Guerra (Cuban and Caribbean History)
  45. Aida Luz Giachello (Preventive Medicine)


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