• Aziz Abu Sarah: Middle East Conflict Dynamics, Middle Eastern Affairs, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Afghanistan, the Arab Spring, Interfaith Dialogue, World Religions
  • Akbar Ahmed: Islamic Studies, Foreign Policy, Civil Service, Middle East and North Africa Politics, Islamist Movements
  • Anthea Butler: American Religion, African American Religious History, Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Fundamentalism, Religion in the Media, Religion and Politics, Women and Religion, Religion and Pop Culture
  • Peter Chin: Race, Ethnicity, Religion
  • Sherine Hafez: Women in Muslim-Majority Societies and Cultures, Islamic Movements, Women’s Islamic Activism, Gender and Sexuality in Muslim Societies, Gender/Religion/Secularism in the Middle East, Egypt & Egyptian Culture, Anthropology
  • Humera Khan: Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), Social Media in CVE, Security Strategies, Islamic Studies, Ideology of Violent Extremism, Women in Security, Youth CVE Programs, Online Radicalization, Women CVE Programs
  • Laila Lalami: Morocco and North Africa, Women and Islam, Migration, Historical Fiction
  • Luis E. Lugo: U.S. & Global Religious Beliefs and Practices, Religious Demography, Latinos, Religion & Politics
  • Eboo Patel: Interfaith Cooperation and World Religions
  • Asifa Quraishi-Landes: Islam & Islamic Law (Sharia)
  • Hussein Rashid: Shi’i Justice Theology, South and Central Asian Studies, Muslim and American Popular Culture
  • Jason E. Shelton: African Americans, Race & Ethnicity, Class, Sociology of Religion, Political & Social Attitudes


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