Sarah Audelo

Sarah Audelo is the Executive Director of Alliance for Youth Action – a non-profit, organization that mobilizes young voters and empowers young people to organize. She is responsible for the organization’s political partnerships, polling and research. Audelo is the former policy director at Generation Progress where she led a team that focused on economic justice, higher education, among other important issues facing millennials.

She’s also led the domestic policy portfolio and a campaign for Advocates for Youth on issues like HIV/AIDS prevention, abortion access and LGBTQ rights. She is passionate about the engagement and impact of the millennial electorate in 2016.

Sarah (1)Executive Director, Alliance for Youth Action

Areas of Expertise: Millennial Voter Engagement, Polling, Mobilization of Young Voters

Location: Washington, DC

Contact Information:
Phone: (661) 432-5608
Twitter: @SarahAudelo

Heard on C-Span: Youth Vote in 2016