Social Sciences

  • R. Michael Alvarez : Elections, Voting Behavior, Campaigns, Election Technologies, Politics, Political Advertising, Public Opinion, Latino Vote, Hispanic Electorate, Election Fraud
  • Sarah Audelo: Millennial Voter Engagement, Polling, Mobilization of Young Voters
  • Lisa Garcia Bedolla: Latino Voter Mobilization, Latino Civic Engagement, Educational Equity, Ethnic Issues, Gender Equality, Immigrant & Immigration Issues
  • Dr. Manley Begay: Tribal Economic Development, Educational Leadership, Indigenous Governance
  • Paul Butler: Criminal Justice, Civil Rights & Race Relations, Public Corruption
  • Cathy Cohen: American Politics, African-American Politics, Marginal Groups, Social Movements, Women’s Health issues
  • Shaundra Daily: Broadening participation in computing, Affective computing, Positive technology
  • Tracy Dumas: Work-Family/Work-Life Boundary, Workplace Dissimilarity/Demographic Diversity, Status Differences in Organizations
  • Jennifer Eberhardt: Sociology, Science, Racial Stereotyping, Psychology, Human Development, Law
  • Kenneth Fernandez: Survey Methods, Crime, Education, Immigration and Local Economic Development Policy
  • Jocelyn Fontaine: Multisite evaluation, Mixed-method evaluation designs, Reentry, Crime prevention/reduction, Supportive housing (for the reentry population)
  • Claudia Galindo: Sociology of Education, Developmental Psychology, Immigration, Latino Children and Families, Health
  • Maria Cristina Garcia: Immigration, U.S.-Cuban Relations, Latino U.S. History
  • Phillip Atiba Goff: Race; Racial Bias; Discrimination; Intersections of Race and Gender; Bias in Criminal Justice; Race, Crime and Justice
  • Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve: Criminal Justice,  Mass Incarceration, Police Brutality, Criminal Defense Racism and Criminal Courts
  • Guillermo Grenier: Polling, Cultural Studies, Latin America, Immigration, Cuban Immigrants, Sociology
  • Sherine Hafez: Women in Muslim-Majority Societies and Cultures, Islamic Movements, Women’s Islamic Activism, Gender and Sexuality in Muslim Societies, Gender/Religion/Secularism in the Middle East, Egypt & Egyptian Culture, Anthropology
  • Ange-Marie Hancock: Politics, Intersectionality, Gender and Sports, Feminism
  • Cecily Hardaway: Exposure to Community Violence, Poverty, Adolescent Development, Family Processes, Low-Income Families
  • Carl Hart: Behavioral Psychology, Addiction, Substance Abuse, Environmental and Neurobiological Influences on Human Behavior
  • Marc Lamont Hill: Culture & Cultural Issues, Youth Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Education, Social Issues, Hip-Hop, Neoliberalism, Globalization, Politics
  • Jessica Lavariega Monforti: Public Policy Impacts by Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Impacts of Technology, Military System and Immigration Policy on Latino Youth
  • Anthony Jack: (Higher) education, New diversity at elite colleges, Culture, Cultural capital, Race, Urban poverty, Inequality, Youth
  • Walter M. Kimbrough: HBCUs, General Higher Education, Equity for Low-Income Students, Fraternities & Sororities, Hazing
  • Dr. Raynard Kington: Health Policy, Socioeconomics & Race, Economics, Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Keith Maddox: Behavioral Psychology, Diversity, Psychology of Discrimination, Prejudice and Stereotypes
  • Silvia L. Mazzula:  Psychology, race, culture, mental health, racism, and discrimination
  • Syreeta McFadden:  Visual Art (Photography/Technology), Literature (Poetry), Study of Feminism/Intersectionality, Race Relations
  • Tressie McMillan Cottom: For-Profit Higher Education, Digital Inequalities, Transition Points from Student to Worker  
  • Dr. Jared Montoya: Gender, Culture & Multicultural Psychology, Group Behavior, Race, Ethnic Relations, Research Methods
  • Miguel Perez: Politics, Latinos in Politics, Immigration and Latino Issues
  • Marifeli Perez-Stable: US-Cuba Relations, Sociology, Cuban Politics and History
  • Jason E. Shelton: African Americans, Race & Ethnicity, Class, Sociology of Religion, Political & Social Attitudes
  • Marcelo Suárez-Orozco: Education, Immigration, Immigration Reform, Culture, Psychology, Anthropology, Mass Migration, Globalization, Latinos in the U.S.
  • Maria Eugenia Trillo: Sociolinguist, Spanish Language, and Educator
  • Vince Wang: Land Use Modeling, Housing Policy and Evaluation, Transportation Planning
  • Dorian Warren: Labor Organizing, Politics, Policy, Race & Ethnic Politics, African-American Politics, Urban Politics & Policy, American Political Development, Community Organizing, Social Movements, Social Science Methodology
  • Malik Washington: Youth & Poverty, Youth & Violence (Esp. Young Men), Mentorship, Non-Profit Community Outreach, Writing & Blogging, Media, African Americans, African American Culture
  • Leah Wright Rigueur:  Race and Politics, Modern African American History, U.S. Political and Social History, and Riots, Backlash and Campus Unrest
  • Miriam Yeung: Asian & Pacific Islanders, Women, Immigrants Rights, LGBT Issues, Domestic & Workplace Violence, Human Rights & Security, Trafficking & Prostitution, Discrimination, Employment & Unemployment, Immigration & Migration
  • Luis Zayas: Mental Health, Social Policy, Diagnostic Processes, Suicide Attempts of Young Latinas, Mental Health Intervention, Latino Families


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