• Kiki Baker Barnes: Athletic Performance, Student-Athlete Success, Coach-Athlete Relationships, Strategic Planning, Organizational Revitalization
  • Humberto Barreto: Economics of Sports, Economics and Excel, History of Economic Thought, Education, Cuba
  • Akilah Carter-Francique: Historical and Contemporary Experiences of Participants in Sport and Physical Activity, Experiences of Black Females and Males in Educational Institutions (K-20), Health and Well-Being for Women Of Color
  • William Douglas: Hockey, Politics, Congress
  • N. Jeremi Duru: Law & Sports, Civil Procedure, Employment Discrimination Law
  • Dina Gilio-Whitaker: Native American culture, critical sports studies, indigenous peoples, surfing, Native American history, higher education
  • Pedro Gomez: Baseball, Sports Writing
  • Monica González: Women’s Soccer, World Cup, Mexican Soccer
  • Jamilah King: Basketball & Sports, Urban Politics, Youth Culture
  • Darin Padua: Sports Medicine, Athlete Injury, Injury Prevention, Orthopedics, Knee Injury
  • Briana Scurry: Women’s Soccer, World Cup, Women’s Brain Health
  • Rwany Sibaja: Soccer, 20th-century Argentina, Popular Culture, Social Studies Education
  • Phil Taylor: Sportswriting, Basketball, Baseball, Football
  • Jim Trotter: NFL, Football, Sports
  • Oliver Wang: Music, Sports, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Race & Ethnicity, Hip-Hop
  • Derrick E. White: African American Civil Rights and Black Power Organizations, Sports and Race, Social Justice and Racial Politics

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