Tammy Vigil

Tammy Vigil is a professor of communication at Boston University. Vigil’s research has included analyzing the language used in convention speeches made by presidential nominees’ spouses. Most recently she authored a book,  Connecting With Constituents: Identification Building and Blocking in Contemporary National Addresses. In the book, she studies former candidates convention speeches to better understand the relationship between candidate speeches and the way people vote. Vigil is located in Boston.

Professor of Communication at Boston University

Expert in: Campaign Rhetoric and Women as Political Communicators

Location: Boston, MA


Phone: 617-935-9111

Email: Tvigil@bu.edu

Twitter: @trvphd

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Mo Elleithee

Mo Elleithee is the founding Executive Director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service.  Before launching the institute, Elleithee spent nearly two decades as one of the top communications strategists in the Democratic Party, helping political leaders and organizations figure out how to tell their story.

Most recently the Communications Director of the Democratic National Committee, he is a veteran of four presidential campaigns, including as Senior Spokesman on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign.  He was a campaign strategist for four current or former United States Senators and two former Governors, advised the independent expenditure campaign arms of both the DCCC and DSCC, and has worked on numerous other statewide and local races in every region of the country.

Elleithee was a founding partner of two of Washington’s leading political consulting firms, Hilltop Public Solutions and Three Point Media, and is a frequent political commentator on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News and PBS News Hour.

Mo Elleithee Headshot
Executive Director, Institute of Politics and Public Service, Georgetown University

Areas of Expertise: Politics, Campaigns, Democratic Party, Media in Politics

Location: Washington, DC

Contact Information:

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Added July 2015

Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson teaches politics and journalism at Morgan State University. He is also a political contributor at MSNBC and is a politics editor at The Root.

Johnson’s academic research focuses on political communication and campaign strategy. He has worked on both Democratic and Republican legislative campaigns in South Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia. His latest book, Political Consultants and Campaigns: One Day to Sell, analyzes modern-day campaigns and the political consultants who run them.

Johnson also has experience in international politics. According to his website, he was a campaign advisor for Frank Dobson in the 2001 London mayoral race and was an honored guest of the Independent Electoral Commission in South Africa in 2007. Recently, he was an international elections observer in Mexico and went on a two-week speaking tour throughout Germany.

Johnson is a frequent television commentator on networks such as Al Jazeera English and CNN, and he has been on NPR member stations MPR, WCPN, and WHYY.

Professor of Politics and Journalism at Morgan State University, Politics Editor at The Root

Areas of Expertise: Politics, Campaign Strategy, Elections, Political Rhetoric, Journalism, Pop Culture, Interest Groups, Hip-Hop Politicians, Political Communication, Comparative Politics, International Election Monitoring

Location: Cleveland/Akron, OH

Contact Info:

Business Mobile: 540-207-6745

Email: johnsonJA@hiram.edu

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