Marsha Jones

Marsha Jones is a grassroots organizer and health educator, as well as the co-founder and executive director of The Afiya Center, the only reproductive justice organization in North Texas founded and directed by Black women. Her expertise lies in reproductive justice, health disparities affecting Black women and girls, and the relationship between politics and the American healthcare system.

Jones is also an expert on HIV/AIDS advocacy, with experience in community-based solutions and intersectional justice. She can provide insight on the disproportionate resources and care available to Black patients, and the way activists are organizing for more equitable health and medical treatment for people of color.

Jones has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is a graduate of the Black AIDS Institute’s African American HIV University (Science and Community Mobilizing Fellowship Program) and Tyndale Theology School.

She serves on the Board of Directors for the Texas Equal Access Fund and is a member of many national women-focused initiatives to advance gender and racial equity and eliminate health disparities, including the National Women AIDS Coalition.

Jones was also a panelist for “At the Table: A Symposium on Texas Women,” an event hosted by The Texas Tribune, which examined the impacts of politics on various aspects of women’s lives in Texas.

Location: Dallas, TX

Expertise Field: Reproductive justice for Black women, Medicaid expansion, grassroots organizing, health education, women’s rights, racial justice, media and race coverage, intersectional community activism, HIV/AIDS, intersectional justice

Contact information:


Phone: 972-629-9266

Twitter: @theafiyactr

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Pedro Noguera

Pedro Noguera is the Distinguished Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA. Prior to UCLA, he served as a tenured professor and holder of endowed chairs at NYU and Harvard. He is the author of eleven books and over 200 articles and monographs. He has recently co-authored several books, including Excellence Through Equity (Corwin 2015) and School for Resilience: Improving the Life Trajectory of African American and Latino Boys (Harvard Education Press 2014).

Noguera currently on the boards of numerous local and national organizations, including Economic Policy Institute, the Young Women’s Leadership Institute, The After School Corporation and The Nation Magazine. He was previously Governor of the Trustees for the State University of New York (SUNY), and was appointed to the National Academy of Education in 2014. Noguera recently received awards from the Center for the Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences/Sage, National Association of Secondary Principals, and the McSilver Institute at NYU for various achievements and research efforts. Dr. Noguera appears as a regular commentator on educational issues on CNN, MSNBC, National Public Radio, and other national news outlets.

Pedro Noguera

Distinguished Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA.

Areas of Expertise: School Reform, Community Engagement in Schools, School Violence/Discipline, Education Policy, Youth Development, Teacher Efficacy, Parent Involvement in Schools

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Contact Information:
Phone: 310 206-9208
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Tracey Meares

Tracey L. Meares is the Walton Hale Hamilton Professor of Law at Yale Law School. Before arriving at Yale Law School, she was Max Pam Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Studies in Criminal Justice at the University of Chicago Law School. She has held positions clerking for the Honorable Harlington Wood, Jr., of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and as a trial attorney in the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice.

Since 2004, she has served on the Committee on Law and Justice, a National Research Council Standing Committee of the National Academy of Sciences. Additionally, she has served on two National Research Council Review Committees: one to review research on police policy and practices and another more recently to review the National Institute of Justice.Yale Law School Law School Professor, Tracey L. Meares specializes in crime prevention, criminal procedure, and criminal law policy.

Meares has been especially interested as of late in teaching and writing about communities, police legitimacy and legal policy, and she has lectured on this topic extensively across the country to audiences of academics, lay people, and police professionals.


Professor of Law at Harvard Law School 

Areas of Expertise: Criminal Law, Crime Prevention, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law Policy, Police Legitimacy, Community Relations

Location: Cambridge, MA

Contact Information:

Phone: (203) 432-4074


Heard on Center for Court Innovation: How Procedural Justice Strengthens the Public’s Willingness to Obey the Law

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Malik Washington

Malik Washington is the director of Penn Violence Prevention at University of Pennsylvania. Previously, he served as the executive director and CEO of The William Kellibrew Foundation, a community-driven advocacy organization “dedicated to breaking the cycles of violence and poverty.” He also worked as the training & outreach specialist with the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, an organization that serves as a “resource for the thousands of adults and children experiencing domestic violence in the District each year.”

Washington studied radio, television and film at Howard University. His community outreach experience includes organizing mission trips and providing disaster relief services with the Christian organization In His Presence Ministries. He’s a contributor to NPR’s Tell Me More blog and was previously a Tell Me More intern and editorial assistant.

Malik Washington
Director of Penn Violence Prevention

Areas of Expertise: Youth, Poverty, and Violence (especially Young Men), Mentorship, Community Outreach, Writing & Blogging, Media, African Americans

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Contact Information:
Twitter: @malikwashington
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