Carlos Gutierrez

Carlos Gutierrez, former U.S. Secretary for Commerce and founder of the Republicans for Immigration Reform super political action committee (PAC), spoke to Audie Cornish about amnesty and immigration reform in early February 2013:

A few weeks later, Gutierrez announced he was stepping down from his position as vice chairman at Citigroup to lead his super PAC as chairman. According to his bio on the Hispanic Leadership Network website, he was actively involved in U.S.-Cuba policy during his tenure as Commerce Secretary. He was also previously chairman and CEO of the Kellogg Company.

Founder and Chairman, Republicans for Immigration Reform super PAC

Areas of Expertise: Immigration, Immigration Reform, Business, Commerce, Politics & Policy, Latinos, Cuba, Republican Party, Conservative Politics

Location: Washington, DC (and sometimes New York)

Contact Information:
(202) 285-7778

Heard on NPR: For a complete list, click here.

All Things Considered: Republicans Divided Over Immigration Reform

Lillian Guerra, Ph.D.

Lilian Guerra, Ph.D. is a University of Florida Professor of Cuban and Caribbean History. Her research focuses on power dynamics and nationalism in Cuba. Lillian Guerra’s book, Visions of Power in Cuba: Revolution, Redemption and Resistance, received the Bryce Wood Award from the Latin American Studies Association. She works in Gainesville, Florida.

Her research has been funded by the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Council of Learned SocietiesUniversity of FloridaYale UniversityThe Institute of World Politics, and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Professor of Cuban and Caribbean History

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Contact Information:


Phone: 203-980-7564

Listen to Lillian Guerra here:

Tomas Bilbao

Tomas Bilbao is Executive Director of the Cuba Study Group. Prior to joining the CSG, Mr. Bilbao served as Director of Transition for Senator-elect Mel Martinez and Director of Operations for Mel Martinez for U.S. Senate.

As Executive Director of the Cuba Study Group, Mr. Bilbao is responsible for all the Group’s projects and activities, including developing policy recommendations and educating Members of Congress and the Administration on more effective policies toward Cuba.

Bilbao has appeared on numerous media outlets, including NPR.

tomas bilbao.jpg
Executive Director, Cuba Study Group

Areas of Expertise: Foreign Policy, Latin American Policy, U.S. Policy, Nonprofit Policy Advocacy, Nonprofit Management

Location: Washington, DC

Contact Information:
Phone: (202) 544-5088

Appearing on Morning Edition ’Travel Freedom Raises Questions About U.S. Policies Toward Cuba

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Humberto Barreto

Humberto Barreto is the Q. G. Noblitt professor of economics and management at DePauw University.

He was born in Camagüey, Cuba, and earned his B.A. from New College and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Professor Barreto is co-author (with Frank M. Howland) of Introductory Econometrics Using Monte Carlo Simulation with Microsoft Excel (Cambridge University Press, 2006). In 2009, he published Intermediate Microeconomics with Microsoft Excel (also with CUP). He has been interviewed on NPR, BBC Mundo, and others.

Humberto Barreto

Expertise: Economics of sports, economics and Excel, history of economic thought, education, Cuba

Location: Greencastle, IN

Contact Info:


Heard on NPR:

Morning Edition: Will The NFL’s Domestic Violence Scandal Hurt Its Bottom Line?

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Marifeli Perez-Stable

Marifeli Perez-Stable is a Professor of Sociology at Florida International University, and writes a biweekly column for the Miami Herald on Latin American issues.

Perez-Stable is the former vice president for democratic governance at the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington, DC. In April 2003, she chaired the Task Force on Memory, Truth, and Justice which published the report, Cuban National Reconciliation. Perez-Stableis the director of “National Dialogues on Democracy in Latin America, a project sponsored by the Inter-American Dialogue with the cooperation of the Organization of American States.

She is currently working on Intimate Enemies, a book about the United States and Cuba after the Cold War.

perez stable

Professor of Sociology at Florida International University

Areas of Expertise: US-Cuba Relations, Sociology, Cuban Politics and History

Location: Miami, FL


Phone: (305) 348-1296

Heard on NPR All Things Considered: In Miami, Praise For Honduran President’s Ouster

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Guillermo Grenier

Guillermo Grenier is a Professor of Sociology and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Global & Sociocultural Studies in the School of International and Public Affairs at Florida International University.

Over the past 25 years he has been a lead investigator of the FIU Cuba Poll, an annual poll of Cuban-Americans, which is a  project cosponsored by the Cuban Research Institute.

Grenier has authored or coauthored six books and dozens of articles on labor, migration, immigrant incorporation, and Cuban-American ideological profiles, particularly in the Greater Miami area.


Professor of Sociology and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Global & Sociocultural Studies in the School of International and Public Affairs at Florida International University

Areas of Expertise: Polling, Cultural Studies, Latin America, Immigration, Cuban Immigrants, Sociology

Location: Miami, FL


Phone: (305) 348-3217


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Maria Cristina Garcia

Maria Cristina Garcia is the Howard A. Newman Professor of American Studies at Cornell University. Her work focuses on refugees, immigration, exiles, and transnationals in the Americas. Her first book Havana USA: Cuban Exiles and Cuban Americans in South Florida, provides an in-depth look at the migration of Cubans to the United States after Fidel Castro took power in 1959.

Her more recent work Seeking Refuge: Central American Migration to Mexico, and the United States, and Canada, is, in her own words, “a study of the individuals, groups, and organizations that responded to the Central American refugee crisis of the 1980s and 1990s, and helped reshape refugee policies throughout North America.”

Garcia has appeared on NPR.

maria cristina garcia

Howard A. Newman Professor in American Studies at Cornell University

Areas of Expertise: Immigration, U.S.-Cuban Relations, Latino U.S. History

Location: Ithaca, NY


Phone: (607) 255-0469


Heard on Morning Edition, ‘Young Migrants May Request Asylum, But It’s Hard To Get.’


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