Tina Trujillo

Tina Trujillo is an Associate Professor at the University of California Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education. She is an expert on education inequality, federal educational policymaking, and test-based educational reforms. Trujillo’s research focuses on the politics of urban district reform and the effects of standardized testing. The American Educational Research Journal and Teachers College Record are among the numerous journals that have published her work. She can be heard contributing her expertise on NPR’s Morning Edition, here.


Associate Professor at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education 

Area of Expertise: Educational Inequality, Federal Education Policymaking, Test-Based Educational Reforms and High-Stakes Testing

Location: Berkeley, CA

Contact Information:

Email: trujillo@berkeley.edu

Phone: (510) 642- 6272

[cell] (510) 517-0874;

[fax] (510) 642-4803

Twitter: @TinaTrujillo10

Heard on NPR’s Morning Edition: California Brings Gay History Into The Classroom 

UT Professor Dr. Keisha L. Bentley-Edwards

Keisha Bentley-Edwards

Dr. Keisha L. Bentley-Edwards is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin

“I would say that the general reaction about Ferguson, and more recently Eric Garner, has been just shock, and being stunned, and being confused… especially for those that may be in college who felt, they may have been supported by the system and the feeling that ‘If I do the right thing, then everything is going to be okay,’ and for a lot of these kids, African American kids I’m speaking of specifically right now, they feel very confused by what’s going on, and they wanna know, they wanna talk about these things, but often time they are silenced…”

Sociolinguist Dr. Maria Eugenia Trillo of Western New Mexico University


Maria Eugenia Trillo, Ph.D is a Sociolinguist and Associate Professor of Spanish at Western New Mexico University.

“Spanish is a modern and a historic language in our country. It is a global language. It is a language that is spoken in more than twenty one different countries around the world. It is a first language, a primary language in the national and international spheres. It is one of the top ten most spoken languages in the world.”

Haskell Indian Nations University President Dr. Venida S. Chenault

Dr. Venida S. Chenault, Haskell Indian Nations University President

“Actually, we do work to integrate within all of our curriculum, across all of the disciplines, content that addresses the issues of Indigenous people. But, we do have a bachelors degree in Indigenous and American Indian Studies that was established in 1998.”