Ursula Mentjes

Ursula Mentjes is an entrepreneur and sales expert. She is the Founder and President of Sales Coach Now, a professional sales coaching and training firm. Her work focuses on sales team coaching and management, entrepreneurial coaching and Neuro-Linguistic programming. She is a two time best-selling author, writing several books on how to grow sales. 

Mentjes’ expertise has earned her several awards including the SBA’s 2014 Women in Business Champion. She’s also won the 2013 Willow Tree Extraordinary Example and Extraordinary Entrepreneur Awards. Her clients include Aflac and New York Life.

Founder and President of Sales Coach Now

Areas of Expertise: Sales Team Coaching, Sales Team Management, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Location: Apple Valley, MN

Contact Location:

Email: Ursula@salescoachnow.com 

Phone: 949-838-6542

Heard presenting for Sales Coach Now Live (2009)

Sixcia Devine

Sixcia Devine is a small business growth expert. She is the Regional Development Director for Southern Florida and US Hispanic Markets for Constant Contact. Her work focuses on entrepreneurship, social media outreach, new marketing technology, business planning and connecting general markets to Hispanic markets. She has held important positions at business and marketing consulting firms and organizations. Devine has written several publications including  Tapping Into The Hispanic Market: Connect. Engage. Innovate. She has also won the Providence Business News 40 Under 40 Award twice.

Regional Development Director for Southern Florida and U.S. Hispanic Markets 

Areas of Expertise: Small Business Growth, Entrepreneurship, Social Media Outreach, New Marketing Technology, Business Planning, Connecting General Markets to Hispanic Markets

Location: Boca Raton, FL

Contact Information

Email: sdevine@constantcontact.com 

Heard on Banter : Best Practices For Education Based Marketing

Sheena Iyengar

Sheena Iyengar is the inaugural S.T. Lee Professor of Business at Columbia University, as well as the director of the Global Leadership Matrix program, which she launched to promote knowledge of leadership in a global context.

Iyengar is one of the country’s top experts on choice–how people perceive it, and how they respond to it. Her award-winning book “The Art of Choosing” looks at what shapes our decision-making and the far-reaching consequences of our choices.

Iyengar’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Time magazine. She has spoken on NPR’s Morning Edition and given two TED talks about the Art of Choosing and How to Make Choosing Easier.

S.T. Lee Professor of Business, Columbia University

Areas of Expertise: Art of Choice, Perceiving and Responding to Choice, Global Leadership, Thinking Globally, Entrepreneurial Creativity

Location: New York, NY

Contact Info: Please contact Iyengar’s assistant, Sarah Chae (preferred method)

Email: sheenaiyengaroffice@gsb.columbia.edu

Or, you can contact Iyengar directly

Email: ss957@columbia.edu

Phone: (212) 854-8308

Heard on NPR:

Morning Edition: Dating Study Says Singles With Options Go For Hotties

Iyengar’s TED Talk: How to make choosing easier

Felicia Joy

Felicia Joy is the founder of Joy Group International, a business strategy, marketing and development firm. According to her bio, she previously worked as a crisis management and communications executive in several industries, including aviation, energy and social services.

From 2004 to 2012, Joy developed and taught entrepreneurship, business and marketing courses at Emory University’s Continuing Education program in Atlanta, GA. She is also a CNN and Black Enterprise business contributor.

Founder of Joy Group International

Areas of Expertise: Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Success, Business, Career Development, Women, Youth, Empowerment, Crisis Management, Communications & Marketing

Location: New York, NY

Contact Information:

Phone: (646) 535-7774
Email: felicia@joygroupinternational.com
Twitter: @feliciajoy

Featured on CNN:

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