SOTW This Week: María Pabón López

María Pabón López is an expert in immigrants’ rights (including the education of immigrant children), immigration law and diversity/multicultural matters in the legal profession. She also focuses her research on issues concerning Latinos, race and the law, and the status of women lawyers.

María Pabón López, Dean and Professor of Law at the Loyola New Orleans College of Law

Sociolinguist Dr. Maria Eugenia Trillo of Western New Mexico University


Maria Eugenia Trillo, Ph.D is a Sociolinguist and Associate Professor of Spanish at Western New Mexico University.

“Spanish is a modern and a historic language in our country. It is a global language. It is a language that is spoken in more than twenty one different countries around the world. It is a first language, a primary language in the national and international spheres. It is one of the top ten most spoken languages in the world.”

Gabriela Rivera: Immigration Law and Immigrant Rights

Yale Public Interest Fellow with the ACLU of San Diego

  • Areas of Expertise: Constitutional and Administrative Law and Litigation, Particularly in the Areas of Immigrant Rights, Racial Justice; Police Practices; Criminal Justice; Economic Justice; Immigration Law; International Human Rights
  • Location: San Diego, CA

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Cristina Rodriguez: Immigration Law, Constitutional Law and Government

Professor of Law at Yale Law School

  • Areas of Expertise: Immigration Law and Policy, Effects of Immigration on Society and Culture, Language Rights and Policy, Migration, Civil Rights & Citizenship, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law
  • Location: New Haven, CT

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