Jasmine Garsd

Jasmine Garsd is co-host (along with Felix Contreras) of NPR’s Alt.Latino, a program covering Latin alternative music, from electronic and hip-hop to rock and salsa. Garsd says she “grew up on a steady diet of Argentine rock” as a teen in Buenos Aires, and now brings a fresh eye to the constantly changing Latino music scene.

Jasmine Garsd
Co-Host, NPR’s Alt.Latino

Areas of Expertise: Latin Music and Musicians

Location: Washington, D.C.

Contact Information:
Email: jgarsd@npr.org
Twitter: @jasgarsd

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Oliver Wang

Oliver Wang is a music writer and cultural critic whose work has been published in almost every major hip-hop magazine: The Source, XXL, Vibe, Scratch and others. He has written about race, popular culture and music for Mother Jones, Spin, The Nation and the LA Times.

Wang is a frequent contributor to NPR and KPCC in California and runs the audio blog SoulSides.com. He teaches sociology at California State University at Long Beach, with a focus on race/ethnicity and social issues.

Music Writer and Cultural Critic, Professor of Sociology, California State University, Long Beach

Areas of Expertise: Music, Sports, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Race & Ethnicity, Hip-Hop

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Contact Information:
Email: oliverwang@gmail.com
Phone: (510) 593-3565
Twitter: @soulsidescom

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Leila Cobo

Latin music journalist Leila Cobo is the executive editor for Latin content and programming for Billboard and the host of “Estudio Billboard,” a weekly interview show. She’s also the organizer and host of Billboard’s annual Latin Music Conference. Before joining Billboard, she wrote for the Los Angeles Times and the Miami Herald. Cobo was a concert pianist before devoting herself to full-time journalism.

She has written several books, including Tell Me Something True and The Second Time We Met.

Executive Editor for Latin Content and Programming for Billboard

Areas of Expertise: Music, Latin Music, Classical Music, Pop Culture, Piano, Entertainment & TV, Writing & Journalism, Colombia

Location: Key Biscayne, FL

Contact Info:

Email: contact@leilacobo.comLeila.cobo@billboard.com

Twitter: @leilacobo

Facebook: facebook.com/leilacobofans

**Her agent:

Aleyso Bridger, Bridger Communications

Mobile: (786) 488-5683

Email: aleyso@bcommideas.com

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