#NPRSource: Mee Moua of Asian Americans Advancing Justice

Mee Moua is the President and Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice & a former three-term Minnesota State Senator

“The Asian American community will definitely vote in this midterm election. In fact, our poll shows that anywhere from sixty to seventy seven percent of Asian Americans will vote in this midterm election. But Asian Americans are not being contacted by political parties…

– Speaking in October 2014 on Comcast Newsmakers about the Midterm Elections

Janine Parry: Polling, Public Opinion, and Women and Politics

“I can say from 15 years of polling and 10,000 interviews that Arkansans are, in some ways, a little slower to adopt things, changes that are coming around the nation. So I think, you know, 10, 15 years from now, we might be having the conversations that other cities and states are having now.”

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Hisham Aidi: Politics of Globalization and Social Movements

Given the heavy influence of Islam, different types of Islamic and quasi-Islamic movements that appeared in American cities starting in the 60s and 70s, because of that influence [hip hop] it resonates, in particular, more than other American musical genres.

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Crystal Wright: Conservative Black Chick

“When you talk about the history of the Republican Party, when you talk about the fact that Lincoln and Republicans from before slavery through to 1964 and beyond with President Nixon, Republicans are the ones who fought for civil rights, who fought for opportunities for blacks.”

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Farai Chideya: Media, Technology and Diversity

“I think that, you know, everybody wants good health care, they just don’t know how they want it. And it’s a lot easier to reject a flawed plan than it is to come up with a workable one.”

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