Dr. Jason E. Shelton: Religion, Race, Class and African American Issues, Political & Social Attitudes

Assistant professor of Sociology & Anthropology at the The University of Texas at Arlington

  • Areas of Expertise: African American Issues, Race & Ethnicity, Class, Sociology of Religion, Political and Social Attitudes 
  • Location: Arlington, TX

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Aziz Abu Sarah: Middle East Conflict Dynamics

Azi Abu Sarah is the co-founder of  Middle East Justice Development Initiative Tours, a tour operator which “rejects the model of traditional consumer tourism … instead employing a new model of tourism based on clients, communities, and financial and environmental sustainability.”

  • Areas of Expertise: Middle East Conflict Dynamics, Middle Eastern Affairs, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Afghanistan, the Arab Spring, Interfaith Dialogue, World Religions, Tourism
  • Location: Washington, D.C. (with frequent travel to Jerusalem)

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Aziz Abu Sarah. TED 2014, The Next Chapter, March 17 – 21, 2014, Vancouver Conference Center, Vancouver, Canada. Photo by: Bret Hartman