Orlando Watson

Update: Orlando Watson now works in Strategic Development and News Partnerships at Facebook. His old bio is included below for posterity.

Location: Oakland, CA

Contact Information:

Twitter: @OrlandoWatson

Orlando Watson serves as a spokesman and Communications Director for Black Media at the Republican National Committee. He previously worked for Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar, where he led the communications team and was the primary on-the-record spokesman, and for Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Watson is a skilled media spokesman who has made frequent appearances on MSNBC and Fox News. His work has been featured on BET.com, CNN.com, Roll Call and the U.S. News and World Report.

Spokesman, Communications Director for Black Media, The Republican National Committee

Areas of Expertise: Politics, Communication, Republican Party, Republican Strategy, Republican Politics

Featured on MSNBC:

RNC Does Damage Control After Inaccurate Tweet

Featured on Fox News:

Discussing GOP outreach on “The O’Reilly Factor”

Last updated August 27, 2020


Carlos Gutierrez

Carlos Gutierrez, former U.S. Secretary for Commerce and founder of the Republicans for Immigration Reform super political action committee (PAC), spoke to Audie Cornish about amnesty and immigration reform in early February 2013:

A few weeks later, Gutierrez announced he was stepping down from his position as vice chairman at Citigroup to lead his super PAC as chairman. According to his bio on the Hispanic Leadership Network website, he was actively involved in U.S.-Cuba policy during his tenure as Commerce Secretary. He was also previously chairman and CEO of the Kellogg Company.

Founder and Chairman, Republicans for Immigration Reform super PAC

Areas of Expertise: Immigration, Immigration Reform, Business, Commerce, Politics & Policy, Latinos, Cuba, Republican Party, Conservative Politics

Location: Washington, DC (and sometimes New York)

Contact Information:
Email: cmgutierrez53@gmail.com
(202) 285-7778

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All Things Considered: Republicans Divided Over Immigration Reform

Linda Chavez

Linda Chavez is president of the Becoming America Institute, a non-profit public policy organization in Boulder, Colorado, as well as a noted political commentator and columnist. Her syndicated column runs in newspapers nationally and she is a political analyst for FOX News.

In addition to her frequent television appearances, Chavez has been a guest on NPR to discuss everything from Paul Ryan to public sector unions. She has written and spoken extensively on civil rights, women’s issues and race. She is the author of “Out of the Barrio: Toward a New Politics of Hispanic Assimilation,” and a memoir, “An Unlikely Conservative: The Transformation of an Ex-Liberal.”

Chavez has served in a number of appointed positions, including as Chairman of the National Commission on Migrant Education and Staff Director of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. She was the 1986 Republican nominee for Maryland’s U.S. Senate race.

President of the Becoming America Institute, Political Columnist and Analyst

Areas of Expertise: Politics, Conservative Politics, Republican Party, Civil Rights, Hispanic Issues

Location: Boulder, CO (with frequent travel to D.C. and NYC)

Contact Info:

Phone: (720) 545-6533

Email: chavezlindalou@gmail.com

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Al Cardenas

Alberto R. “Al” Cardenas is the chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU). He is also a partner in the Miamilaw firm Tew Cardenas and a senior partner in the advocacy and lobbying firms Cardenas Partners and The Advocacy Group.  He has appeared as a Republican commentator on networks such as MSNBC, Fox, CNN, and Univision.

Previously, Cardenas served as the chairman and vice-chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. According to his bio, he “has represented the state of Florida at every Republican National Convention since 1976.”


Chairman of the American Conservative Union (ACU)

Areas of Expertise: Politics, Republicans, Republican Strategy, Law, Advocacy, Lobbying, Latino Politics

Location: Miami, FL (with frequent travel throughout Florida and to Washington, D.C.)

Contact Information:

Twitter: @AlCardenasACU

For all bookings, please contact Joe Kildea, founder of Spinnaker Communications:

Mobile: (202) 210-3250

Email: joe@spinnakercommunications.com

Twitter: @Kildea

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